The Feds Want Your Fingerprints

There seems to be a theme this session, BIOMETRICS! From having to fight REAL ID as the obvious battle to a whole slew of fingerprint bills. The Feds are dangling funding in the state’s face if they would just pass all these laws requiring federal background checks (fingerprint collection) a little at a time on certain […]

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Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act Alert

Call 1-800-372-7181 The Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act is a piece of legislation TBK has been advocating for quite some time. With the Democrats in charge it never saw the light of day. However, the original sponsor Rep. Stan Lee stayed faithful to it and this year with The New Majority in Frankfort HB 108, the […]

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KY CHFS Vaccine Reg Change

ACTION ALERT PROPOSED KENTUCKY RULE WOULD RESTRICT VACCINE EXEMPTIONS  The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Human Services (CHFS) has proposed a new rule that would make it harder for parents to claim a religious exemption to vaccination, as well as adding new mandates. Please help us stop this bad rule! Current Kentucky law provides that […]

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2017 Legislative Update: Weeks 2 & 3

Legislative Update Weeks 2 & 3 The Kentucky Legislature was in recess from the 1/9/2017 until 2/7/2017. Now weeks 2 & 3 are in the books we will look back and see the progress to date. With the bill filing deadlines closing in week 3 we can now see how many pieces of legislation we […]

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Oppose Expansion of Federal Police in KY

Old becomes new again HB 225 an expansion of Federal Peace Officer Status in Kentucky will be heard in the House Public Protection Committee on 2/15/2017. This is something we defeated in Norm Davis’ day and hadn’t seen much traction in quite some time, but some are trying to see if it will stick to the wall […]

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Oppose HB 147: Forced Vaccinations

Oppose HB 147: Forced Vaccinations to attend a public or private university.  Set to be voted on in the House 2/15/2017  Action to take: Call All House Leadership and YOUR Representative and let them know you OPPOSE HB 147 and government mandates on health. 1-800-372-7181 This bill if it became law it would force those who attend […]

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February TBK Meeting Agenda

Take Back Kentucky is a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to the advancement of liberty and the preservation of the Constitution in Kentucky. We normally meet every 3rd Saturday of the month, except in December we meet on the 2nd Saturday Saturday, February 18th, 2017 1:00PM ET/12:00PM CT “FAMILY BUFFET” 121 Towne Drive Elizabethtown, KY […]

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Take Back Kentucky has several issues of which we are engaged in or have taken stances on. A brief list of those would be as follows. The order in which they are presented are of no particular importance.

  • Pro- First Amendment/Press, Speech, Assembly, Religion, Petition/Protest
  • Pro-Second Amendment/Gun Rights
  • Pro-Life
  • Pro-Private Property
  • Pro-Food Freedom/Farm Freedom
  • Pro-Health Freedom
  • Pro-Medical Cannabis
  • Pro-Industrial Hemp
  • Pro-Civil Liberties
  • Pro-State Sovereignty
  • Pro-Troops/Veterans
  • Pro-Capitalism/Free Markets
  • Pro-Education Choice/Homeschool
  • Pro-Privacy
  • Pro-Due Process
  • Pro-Bill of Rights
  • Anti-Surveillance
  • Anti-Common Core, or any other Federal/Corporate Standardized Education System
  • Anti-Universal Mandated Healthcare or any variation thereof
  • Anti-Illegal Immigration
  • Anti-REAL ID/Biometrics
  • Anti-Agenda 21
  • Anti-Communism/Socialism/Progressivism
  • Anti-Debt/Spending/Tax Increases
  • For the Repeal of the 17th Amendment
  • For an Audit of, and the eventual End of the Federal Reserve

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve the God given rights that are recognized in the constitutions of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the United States of America.  We believe in the American principle of dual sovereignty and that preservation of Kentucky’s sovereignty is essential.

The US Supreme Court has ruled that the States are not an extension or branch of the Federal government and that it is the duty of those States to protect the rights of their Citizens. The Federal government is a result of the States creating and ratifying a Constitution, and is therefore an agent of the States. Our focus is to reestablish the government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a protector of the Citizens of Kentucky from an overreaching Federal government.

In order for Kentucky’s government to act responsibly in its duties to its Citizens we feel it is crucial that Citizens exercise their civic duties and responsibilities. We are committed to education on the issues and involvement in the governmental process. Focusing on legislation and the voting records is essential in holding our elected officials accountable.  So we encourage involvement in the election process.

To accomplish this mission we must build coalitions of like minded individuals and organizations that are rooted in Liberty, Freedom, the Constitution, and Capitalistic ideals. The motto of the Commonwealth of Kentucky is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” Let us not fall but move forward toward restoration of our founding principles to provide a better future for our posterity.