Amish Arrested

Published on 24 September 2011 by in Information, Issues, News


Recently here in Kentucky (Graves County) a group of Amish were arrested for not displaying the orange reflective triangles that the sate requires be added to a buggy (or any slow moving vehicle) for safety purposes.  Most of us have seen or are aware that many of the Amish here in Kentucky comply with this law. However, some do not, and that depends upon certain sects interpretations of the Bible. In other states such as Pennsylvania a compromise has been reached to allow reflective tape. This agreement was reached through the legal system. We feel and are hopeful that here in Kentucky a similar outcome can be reached for these Amish that can balance religious right with safety without violating either.

What has made this situation worse for these Amish is they had their mug shots taken during this process, and the the local law enforcement saw fit to release these images to the media.  Now those images have been shown around the world as it is on the Daily Mail’s website (a UK publication). We at Take Back Kentucky will not be publishing a link to those photos as we respect the Amish’s beliefs in this matter. Most Amish take an interpretation to have no graven image to mean not even pictures of themselves; however, some do not and allow pictures/video to be taken of them.

On a legislative note State Senator Ken Winters is hoping to be able to find compromise in the legislature such as what was mentioned above so other Amish don’t have to go through this.

Take Back Kentucky would like to know where the public stands on this issue so we have several questions to ask.


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5 Responses to “Amish Arrested”

  1. Marsha says:

    In general I think they are left alone, but it seems that lately it is getting less likely. (ie, the Ohio milk farmer)
    I can also see the necessity of some kind of safety device on the buggies as I know there have been quite a number of folks killed in buggy incidents. Not seeing a black buggy in the dark would be pretty easy. Don’t have a good answer.

    Personally I detest the seatbelt law. I don’t need another mamma telling me how to be safe. I already had one that raised me. If I choose to take her advice, or not, or choose my own level of personal safety, or just live dangerously, it’s my choice and my life. For a while I thought about disregarding it. However I came to the personal conclusion that I would wear my seatbelt for safety reasons of my own acccord despite the fact that they think they are making me do it. 🙂

    I realize that this is a bit different as other people could be injured in a car/buggy/horse incident. So just saying that there are many sides to every situation.

  2. Lynda Farley says:

    I personally have been harassed by PA police over ligthing issues with my Freedom Van. It is an award winning Art Car (KIA Sedona mini-van), and at the time was decorated for Valentine’s Day. It had hearts and pink all over, and was trimmed with red, white, and several shades of pink silk roses. Nestled among the silk roses were pink heart shaped lights. The officer told me someone might mistake it for an ambulance (yea, right – maybe if someone took enough LSD???). The PA law says one can not have ANY lighting equipment AT ALL installed on a vehicle that is not available as ‘original equpment’. Seems this is so EVEN IF the owner is NOT a resident of The People’s Republic of PA’, and EVEN IF the vehicle is NOT registered in PA, and EVEN IF the vehicle is LEGAL IN IT’s STATE OF REGISTRATION (plus ALL other states!). And, apparently PA officers have nothing better to do than waste almost an HOUR harassing grandmas who have a few ‘christmas’ lights on their vehicle???

  3. Geoff Young says:

    An example of the police / government wasting their time & resources on the wrong things. There are violent criminals who need to be arrested, as well as financial fraudsters who have stolen many $millions from the public. I don’t want law enforcement agencies harassing peaceful citizens for no legitimate reason.

  4. Vandal says:

    My only question is why did the good men of the town not drag the traitor cops out into the street and whip them?

  5. Marty Kares says:

    We can not go 70 miles an hour in a 55 mile zone, also, most highways have a slow speed set also. Traffic LAWS, as others, are set in place to protect the public as a whole. I live in one of the most populated Amish counties in Kentucky. Our roads are 2 lanes, with a lot of hills and blind curves, which is a trip especially with semi’s. I know many of the Amish neighbors here, they are of the strict order, they do however respect and follow the law as to the orange sign.
    I only have one question at this point. WHY is it that Christians (not that I agree with most) are under attack nation and world wide, while other religions are given a PASS on their customs and beliefs?

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