2015 Kentucky Legislative Alert

Wednesday, Feb 3rd  

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Oppose Gas Tax Hike

Senate Bill 29

Sponsors: Ernie Harris (R) SD 26-Jefferson Oldham, Joe Bowen (R) SD 8- Daviess, Hancock, McLean

Committee: Senate Transportation Committee

Status: It is up for Discussion Only, not Consideration. Consideration would mean a vote, but the fact that it is being discussed means it could very well be voted on in the near future.  So we must let our opposition be known now.

Timeframe: Committee meets @ 9AM in Annex Room 154 on Wed, Feb 25th.

Message is for: Senate Transportation Committee, Senate Leadership, and YOUR Senator.

Message:  “Oppose SB 29, we do not need a gas tax increase”

Optional: Email the Senators on the Transportation Committee, link to the committee provided above has each member listed with a link to their page and how to contact them. The usual way to email the members is firstname.lastname@lrc.ky.gov

Note: The primary sponsor of the bill Sen. Ernie Harris is the Chairman of the committee.

Information: The Department of Revenue every quarter determines an average wholesale price they use to base the gas tax on. However, the average cannot go below the minimum wholesale price set in law, this way a certain amount of gas tax will be collected, which logically would help determine budgeting for the road fund supposedly. The current minimum price is $1.79 per gallon, but SB 29 proposes the minimum price be set at $2.35. Right now with current prices they way it is the retail price is lower than the proposed average wholesale price minimum increase. For the past several years this has not been a factor due to high gas prices. However with the road fund shortfall it is apparent proper budget restraint has not been practiced.  We do not need to be paying higher taxes on gas because those charged with budgeting the road fund could not do their job. Further this bill does not take into account the increased driving and thus increased revenue that will be generated based on more driving due to lower gas prices. Increased taxes will not help rectify the budget shortfall.



3 Responses to “Legislative Alert: Oppose SB 29 – Gas Tax Increase”

  1. Janice Smith says:

    “Oppose SB 29, we do NOT need a gas tax increase”!

  2. RICK REYNOLDS says:

    NO!!! TO SB.29

  3. James Howard says:

    No Gasoline Tax Increase !!!!

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