Support Senate Bill 7: Require Ultrasound Prior to an Abortion

Call 1-800-372-7181

Sponsor:  Julie Adams (R) SD 36 – Jefferson; Whitney Westerfield (R) SD 3 – Christian, Logan, Todd; CB Embry (R) SD 6 – Butler, Hopkins, Muhlenburg, Ohio;  Damon Thayer SD 17 – Grant, Kenton, and Scott

Status:  Feb 5th passed out of Senate 31-5, Feb 6th received in the House, Feb 9th assigned to committee

Committee:  House Health and Welfare

Timeframe:  Committee meets @ 12PM in Annex Room 169 on Thurs, March 5th

Message is for: House Health and Welfare Commitee, All House Leadership, and YOUR Representative

Message: “Support SB 7 as this is a step in helping protect the life of the unborn”

Optional: Email the Representatives on the House Health and Welfare Committee, link to the committee provided above has each member listed with a link to their page and how to contact them. The usual way to email the members is firstname.lastname@lrc.ky.gov

Information: Require a pregnant mother to get an ultrasound and see the results before she makes her decision. There are also criminal penalty if it is not done.



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