PATRIOT ACT: Section 215 is up for reauthorization. It sunsets June 1, and Mitch McConnell has filed a bill to extend it to 2020. The “USA Freedom Act” has been a measure in place to hold back the full extent of the PATRIOT Act for the last few years. In 2013, it was very good at restricting the mass collection of non-warranted data. In 2014 it got watered down. This year, 2015, it is so bad that it hardly helps and at the same time extends patriot act provisions through 2019.


In fact, the 2nd Circuit Court of appeals recently ruled against this mass collection of data in the Patriot act and sided with the privacy protections in the 2013 version of the USA Freedom Act.


While it is good to vote for the USA Freedom Act in any form, as it is better than nothing, it is far from protecting the citizens against mass collection of data. Many other amendments are needed to correct this runaway legislation, and Sen. Rand Paul is leading the fight for such changes.

McConnell has called a special session for Sunday, May 31, before the patriot act expires at midnight, because he was not able to pass his piece last week after Rand’s filibuster. Other Senators such as Ted Cruz support the USA Freedom Act of 2015 as is and are not fighting for further reforms, although Sen Cruz did state that discussion should be allowed by the leadership and votes allowed to be taken on the amendments.

Senator Rand Paul is leading the Fight against the PATRIOT ACT and he needs your help as there is likely to be action taken before June 1st (this upcoming Monday)


Flood their phones and Emails!

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Good Info to have:

A good resource on privacy and biometric information and sharing is the Constitutional Alliance, which TBK is a member of. Everyone needs to refresh on what is going on because as the surface seems stagnant on issues such as REAL ID, information sharing, etc, huge progress is being made in bringing us to a fuller broader more centralized information system.


Trivia: The government is the largest customer of data mining companies.



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