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Support: House Bill 236: Nullify Federal Anti-Gun Laws


Call 1-800-372-7181

Sponsor(s):                 D. St. Onge, K. Imes, L. Bechler, D. Butler, J. Carney, T. Couch, R. Crimm, J. DuPlessis, J. Fischer, J. Gooch Jr., D. Hale, R. Heath, T. Kerr, K. King, B. Linder, D. Meade , T. Moore, R. Nelson, S. Santoro, J. Tipton, K. Upchurch, A. Wuchner

Status:                        Jan 11 Introduced, Jan 12 Assigned to Committee   

Committee:                House Judiciary

Timeframe:                 Committee meets Every Wednesday @ 12PM in Annex Room 171

Message is for:           All House Leadership, Members of the House Judiciary Committee and YOUR Representative.

Message:                     “Support House Bill 236 and the Second Amendment. Nullify all Unconstitutional, Anti-2ND Amendment Legislation. It’s time we started practicing the 10th Amendment as a State.”

Optional:                    E-mail the legislators on the committee. Example e-mail address: Firstname.Lastname@lrc.ky.gov . If that doesn’t work they have a contact page on their informational page.

Information:               This has the language of another 2nd Amendment Bill we support HB 182, but it goes a step further, in fact some might call it the 10th Amendment on steroids to protect the 2nd Amendment. It quotes the Kentucky and US Constitutions on the Right to Bear Arms as well as a court case that states local and state agencies cannot be used against citizens to enforce federal policy. This bill also cites a couple of Articles in the US Constitution about federal overreach, as well as the 10th Amendment. But it even goes a step further and basically calls out President’s Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Orders on gun control.

This bill should have probably been assigned to the House Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. The Representative chairing that committee is more than likely not for this legislation, but based on how he conducts himself it would have possibly been given a better chance at a fair hearing. However, the old chair of that committee Darryl Owens has now replaced John Tilly as the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, this means it will take EXTREME PRESSURE in order for this bill to see any daylight. *Representative Owens seems to have made it his personal mission of being an adversary to most of the Legislation TBK supports. Stumbo’s appointment of Owens to this position and his assignment of this bill to this committee shows how obstinate Stumbo has become, especially since the last election. He seems to be an unwilling party to co-operative government.

*With the exceptions of HB 70 and HB 40. We will send Alerts about these bills at a later time, they will pass the House no problem.

PDF Version: HB 236 -2016


7 Responses to “Support HB 236: Obliteration of Federal Anti-2nd Amendment Laws”

  1. Mildred Knoll says:

    Support HB 236

  2. Errol Franks says:

    I Support HB 236: Obliteration of Federal Anti-2nd Amendment Laws

  3. Billy Carter says:

    “Support House Bill 236 and the Second Amendment. Nullify all Unconstitutional, Anti-2ND Amendment Legislation. It’s time we started practicing the 10th Amendment as a State.”

  4. Daniel Neal says:

    I support any legislation that limits federal authority over the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

  5. Bruce says:

    This bill needs to be passed, but good luck getting it through the Judiciary Committee with Darryl Owens chairing that committee. I went through this a few years ago with the Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act. Darryl Owens used every dirty trick and procedural chicanery to keep the bill from making it to a floor vote because it would have likely passed. If not, our representatives would have had a lot of explaining to do. From my experience, Owens will push HB236 on the back burner until all other business is conducted, and then he’ll cancel committee meetings to avoid discussing it. If pressed by the threat of a discharge petition, he’ll hold an emergency meeting, citizens can testify, things look good, and then suddenly there’s a move to adjourn, a second, and what just happened? Nothing happened. The pending discharge petition was avoided because there was a committee meeting but there was no vote because the bill was DOA in Owens’ committee. Owens does NOT believe in the democratic process where people are represented in government by those we elect. He believes in the power of big government, and the power of leadership to decide what’s best for us and to subvert and thwart the will of the people to do what they want to do. Owens clearly enjoys his political power and is gleeful when using these sleazy procedural tricks to con us out of representative government.

  6. Ron Smith says:

    I would ask that all representatives support this bill. State’s rights are being taken away, this is an opportunity to make a stand. Also, this is extremely important that we fight to keep our second amendment rights from being eroded.

  7. scott wood says:

    Pass the bill

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