Oppose DNA Collection

Published on 07 February 2016 by in State Legislative Alerts


Take Back Kentucky Legislative Action Alert

Oppose: DNA Collection


Call 1-800-372-7181

Sponsor(s):     Senators:        J. Adams, D. Carroll, R. Alvarado, T. Buford, D. Harper Angel, A. Kerr, M. McGarvey, R. Thomas, W. Westerfield

                            Representatives:        R. Meeks, R. Benvenuti III, M. Marzian, S. Westrom

Status:                          2 Bills – SB 150, HB 191 – both in committee

Committee:                Senate Judiciary, House Judiciary

Timeframe:                 NOW

Message is for:           Your Senator, Your Representative, All Senate Leadership, All House Leadership, Members of the Senate and House Judiciary Committees

Message:                     “Oppose SB 150, Oppose SB 191, and Oppose DNA Collection upon Arrest.

Optional:                    E-mail the legislators on the committee. Example e-mail address:Firstname.Lastname@lrc.ky.gov . If that doesn’t work they have a contact page on their informational page.

Information:               This is quite a complex subject matter but we suggest you go to our Bill Mark Up of the 2014 version as well as this list of 16 Reasons to be against DNA Collection upon arrest. Cops are not lawyers, they like to throw as many charges as they can in order to get something to stick.  Finally we will leave you with this quote from Justice Scalia.

“The Court repeatedly says that DNA testing, and entry into a national DNA registry, will not befall thee and me, dear reader, but only those arrested for “serious offense[s].” I cannot imagine what principle could possibly justify this limitation, and the Court does not attempt to suggest any. If one believes that DNA will “identify” someone arrested for assault, he must believe that it will “identify” someone arrested for a traffic offense. Today’s judgment will, to be sure, have the beneficial effect of solving more crimes; then again, so would the taking of DNA samples from anyone who flies on an airplane (surely the Transportation Security Administration needs to know the “identity” of the flying public), applies for a driver’s license, or attends a public school. Perhaps the construction of such a genetic panopticon is wise. But I doubt that the proud men who wrote the charter of our liberties would have been so eager to open their mouths for royal inspection.”

Maryland v. King, 569 U.S. (2013)

DNA Collection – 2016


2 Responses to “Oppose DNA Collection”

  1. Charlie Fiscella says:

    This is a tough one for me. I get your concerns but DNA samples from Felony suspects is no different than taking fingerprints when you are arrested. As a law enforcement officer I respect and uphold the constitution. I have seen DNA both convict and exonnerate people. I have to go with DNA collection on this one.

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