Take Back Kentucky Legislative Action Alert

Support: House Bill 357: CCDW in State Vehicles


Call 1-800-372-7181

Sponsor(s):                 K. Upchurch, K. Imes, L. Bechler, D. Butler, R. Crimm, J. DuPlessis, J. Gooch Jr., D. Hale, R. Heath, B. Linder, D. Mayfield, P. Moffett, B. Montell, S. Santoro, A. Wuchner

Status:                        Feb 8 Introduced, Feb 9 Assigned to Committee

Committee:                House Judiciary

Timeframe:                 Committee meets every Wednesday @ 12PM in Annex Room 171

Message is for:           All House Leadership, YOUR Representative, and members of the House Judiciary Committee     

Message:                     “Support HB 357. Allow State Employee’s to protect themselves, each other, and the public when they are out in the field.”

Optional:                    E-mail the legislators on the committee. Example e-mail address: Firstname.Lastname@lrc.ky.gov . If that doesn’t work they have a contact page on their informational page.

Information:               This bill would allow State Employees to carry CCDW when they are in a state vehicle. The more weapons in the hands of responsible law abiding owners always makes for a safer society.


3 Responses to “Support HB 357: CCDW in State Vehicles”

  1. Donnie Dunbar says:

    I think this is a great ideal!

  2. Kenneth New says:

    I support HB 357

  3. Larry Morgan says:

    In complete agreement

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