Take Back Kentucky Legislative Action Alert

Oppose: Senate Bill 245 – REAL ID


Call 1-800-372-7181

Sponsor(s):                 E. Harris

Status:                        Feb 29 Introduced

Committee:                N/A yet, will go to Senate Transportation

Timeframe:                 Committee meets every Wednesday @ 9AM in Annex Room 154. We suspect they may try and fast-track this bill and hear it as early as March 2nd

Message is for:           All Senate Leadership, Your Senator, and Members of the Senate Transportation Committee

Message:                     “Oppose SB 245. We should not comply with the Federal Government’s REAL ID Program that will violate our right to privacy.”     

Optional:                    E-mail the legislators on the committee. Example e-mail address: Firstname.Lastname@lrc.ky.gov . If that doesn’t work they have a contact page on their informational page. The page is linked above

Note:                           The sponsor is the chair of this committee, it will be heard and because of his influence over the committee it may very well pass without opposition.

Information:               REAL ID is a Federal Program that was passed in 2005. The Federal Government claims it is not a mandate, but citizens won’t be allowed to do certain things if the states don’t comply with it, things like board an airplane because since 9/11 we have turned over air travel security to the Federal Government. REAL ID is tantamount to a National ID replacing our Sate Issued Drivers Licenses, and on this National ID they plan to capture your Biometrics as well as other information the Federal Government wants to have collected on you, political, religious, financial etc. Identity theft is becoming the number one crime in America thanks to hacks by criminals and foreign governments, so why is the government collecting all this data on us as part of our identity. Further what makes REAL ID a danger is the standards are administered by organizations affiliated/controlled by the UN that plan on sharing this information with other governments that participate in the program, nations that are not friendly to the US. It gets worse though the technology behind REAL ID is controlled by a foreign company in France, partly owned by the French government. These new REAL ID Compliant DL’s will also have to be sent out of state to get, and will cost more when you go to get them.

                                    So what this bill does is overhaul our DL process to make the issuance of them REAL ID compliant. We are in the process of reviewing the specifics of this legislation and will get more to you ASAP. However, we have just now completed as preliminary review of the bill. CLICK HERE for the Quick Notes

The DHS says we do not have to comply with REAL ID until 2018 but it appears someone is leading legislators to assume we have to by the fall of 2016. Further there is a Federal Bill S 2440 that would Repeal REAL ID. Legislators need to know that before we rush to change our whole DL system when it may not even be necessary.

GOVERNOR ALERT:    Call Governor Bevin at 502-564-2611 and tell him to be against SB 245. You can also email Governor Bevin by CLICKING HERE.

ACTION NEEDED:       We have not said get to Frankfort this session so far. We are asking anyone who can come to Frankfort and be prepared to oppose SB 245 in committee or talk personally to Senators on that committee. Even if it is not heard in committee on March 2 your presence will help lay the ground work for defeating it.

FEDERAL ALERT:         Senator Rand Paul said he is opposed to REAL ID and would sponsor legislation to repeal it. Let him know about S.2440 and ask him to co-sponsor it. You can contact him via email by CLICKING HERE as well as call his offices, and that information can be found by CLICKING HERE       

MORE INFORMATION:           We have a whole page on our website dedicated to information about REAL ID and you can get that information by CLICKING HERE. We also suggest you go to the Constitutional Alliance’s website as they have volumes of information on Biometrics and REAL ID, you can get to their page by CLICKING HERE.



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    This will lead to the Mark of the Beast.


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