Legislative Alerts: Week 12

Published on 20 March 2016 by in State Legislative Alerts


We are going to forgo the extensive update we have given in prior weeks for a more abbreviated version. This next week (the 12th week) of the session will be the last full week (there will still be a few days left though). So this update is going to be more like a last minute alert.  We will update you on individual issues as they arise throughout the week. Here are your

HB 309 – P3s – Passed out of the Recess Committee during Chambers last week, with only 2 opposition votes. Sen. Higdon and Sen. Schroder. There was opposition testimony given, but the legislators failed to listen. We need to stop this in on the Senate Floor. Call your Senator and all Senate Leadership and tell them a vote for HB 309/SB 132 and P3’s is a vote for corruption and cronyism. Vote No on HB 309/SB132

*for those that don’t know about public private partnerships, this is not about simply letting a private business bid on a government job. To learn more about P3’s we suggest you go to our page on the subject matter.

SB 245 – REAL ID – Passed out of committee last week 7-5. Right now the bill is in the Rules Committee (which is normal). The House Transportation Committee meets on Tuesdays, so the Senate would have to act fast, as well as the House to get this bill passed. Unfortunately at the end of the session they learn how to work late, and suspend rules. Some good news is Rep Collins, the chair of the House Transportation Committee said in 2009 on a Resolution against REAL ID there would be no REAL ID in Kentucky and the House passed it unanimously. Rep Collins we are also told is not a for the Driver’s License fee increase. Call your Senator, all Senate Leadership, Members of the House Transportation Committee, and all House Leadership, and tell them a vote for SB 245 is a vote to for more spending and a violation of my privacy.

*If you need more information on SB 245 and REAL ID you can check out our page on the issue.

HB 2 – LOST – This bill will allow local governments to increase the sales tax you pay. It will not go to the governor if passed it will go to the ballot for a vote in November. The ballot language is vague and does not explain the full consequence of this legislation. HB 2 passed the House and is now in the Senate. We do not know what the Republican controlled Senate will do with this Democrat legislation considering our Republican Governor Matt Bevin has come out in favor of this disastrous bill. What makes this even more puzzling is he plans to do a tax overhaul in 2017 session, but is already supporting the implementation of a mechanism that will allow for increased taxes without getting rid of other forms of taxation first. Call Senate Leadership and your Senator and tell them not to raised taxes by passing LOST, vote no on HB 2.

The Connection between P3’s and LOST: At this point considering Bevin’s support for LOST, we can only assume he is for Public Private Partnerships, as it would be the perfect way to pay for P3’s. Having the local governments tax their citizens more in order to pay for them. Here is why we think Bevin is for P3’s.

So we need to call the Governor too and tell him to be against P3’s and LOST. Unfortunately we probably need to call the Governor and tell him to be against REAL ID too since it is obvious his Transportation Cabinet is still pushing it.




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  1. Mary Little says:

    That’s the Republican way!! Raise taxes but not Salarys. How do you people sleep at night!!!

  2. Bill says:

    TBK is not for raising taxes, and raising taxes is also the Democrat way.

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