Late Night REAL ID Update

Published on 22 March 2016 by in State Legislative Alerts


Unfortunately SB 245/REAL ID passed the Senate on Tuesday (3/22/2016) 26-12. The 12 Senators that had the courage to vote against REAL ID are Bowen, Buford, Embry, Higdon, McDaniel, Robinson, Schickel, Seum, Smith, Thayer, Webb, and West. Now we must contact the House, it is imperative you call and let your opposition be known to all House Leadership, members of the House Transportation Committee, and your Representative.  An easy point to make is KY doesn’t even have to comply until 2018 (a deadline that has constantly moved back), are there not more important things to be working on right now other than overhauling our DL system for the Federal Government. There is also repeal legislation in Washington D.C., so we don’t even know if it will be law by years end.

In 2009 HJR 133 passed the House 100-0 against the implementation of REAL ID in Kentucky, it’s time to hold their feet to the fire on this stance.  Below is a video of a portion of the House Transportation Committee from 2009 of Chairman Hubert Collins (still serving as Chairman), claiming there will be no REAL ID in Kentucky. We are hoping he still has this stance, in fact we have been informed he is not a fan of the Driver’s License Fee Increase.

If you need more information on REAL ID and its Liberty Infringements and the costs to taxpayers please visit our page dedicated to it.

Since Governor Bevin’s Transportation Cabinet is pushing REAL ID on us, please contact him and convince him change his mind.

We have even received word that Commissioner Kuhl in the KYTC is even looking into some of you who call in against it to the cabinet, little does he know his online activity can be tracked. Nothing is creepier than a government official looking into citizens because they oppose a policy.


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