The House Transportation Committee is acting fast and will be hearing SB 245/REAL ID on Thursday 3/24/2016 at Noon in Annex Room 149.

Leave a message for the Members of the House Transportation Committee, All House Leadership, and Your Representative. Tell them to Oppose SB 245/REAL ID in Kentucky.  1-800-372-7181

We can only hope the Chairman Hubert Collins is still unfriendly to the fee increase that would make Kentucky’s DL’s the most expensive in the nation. We also hope the statements made in this video on HJR from 2009 in which the House passed 100 – 0 still rings true.

Unfortunately we learned tonight after reviewing the Senate floor vote for REAL ID that Governor Bevin, our supposed Liberty Governor, is for REAL ID in Kentucky. We hope this is just a situation of him not being informed of all the facts, or he is being misinformed by those around him. Either way it illustrates his inherent lack of understanding Liberty issues. Please call him at 502-564-2611 and tell him all the reasons he need to be opposed to REAL ID/SB 245. He said he was not afraid to tell the EPA to pound sand, well he needs to not be afraid to tell DHS to pound sand like other states have on this issue.

Here are some questions for the House Transportation Committee Members to ask during the hearing.

You can Click Here for the Committee Membership page to know who to send emails too

  • Why this bill would allow sharing of information with not only with other state governments and the federal government, but also national and regional associations as well as businesses?
  • If it is supposed to go to a third party vendor as the “business” the information is shared with, then why is that language not in bill instead of a blanket sharing of information with businesses?
  • Who is the third party vendor? Is there more than one? If only one, what guarantee do we have they won’t jack up the price of doing business?
  • Why would we be giving citizen information to national and regional associations?
  • Who are these national and regional associations, and do the boundaries of these associations extend beyond the U.S? If they currently do not, what guarantees they won’t?
  • Why does SB 245 create the mechanism for illegal immigrants to obtain an ID with less stringent requirements than actual citizens? (see page 20 of the bill)
  • After we take this first step, how can we guarantee REAL ID regulations won’t change at the Federal level?
  • Given the Global Scope of REAL ID (unlike Social Security Numbers) and internationally interoperable programs, can you guarantee the Religious Liberties of Christians that would deem this the precursor to the Mark of the Beast found in Revelation? Are you willing to violate the 1st Amendment for an identification program?
  • What security measures will be taken to ensure protection of citizen’s information?
  • How is this supposed to stop terrorism when the Federal Government can’t even do it with the NSA Spying on everyone?
  • DHS will not start enforcing for air travel until Jan 2018 (a date that has continually been pushed back), so in this first year of this legislation with all the concerns would it not be prudent to study the issue?
  • Should we not wait and see what action is taken at the Federal Level with REAL ID Repeal Legislation S.2440?
  • This is supposedly a voluntary program the Federal Government is using for air travel. Much like Virginia has ended conceal carry reciprocity, why is Kentucky responsible for the Federal Government is rescinding reciprocity?
  • Is the Federal Government going to blackmail Kentucky by withholding Federal funds for transportation if we do not adopt REAL ID?
  • Supposedly they put a compromise on the bill to allow a two-tiered system but there is no evidence it isn’t controlled by the same processes as a full-fledged REAL ID compliant DL.
  • Where are the funds for these changes coming from prior to the fee increase for the REAL ID compliant DL’s in 2019?
  • Are the recent budget cuts of 4.5% and 9% taken into consideration with this overhaul to our DL system?
  • National Statistics show 30% of the American citizens fly every year, Kentucky is probably at about the same rate. Considering this, would it not be cheaper for the all taxpayers if those who wish to fly be directed in how to obtain a Passport Card allowing domestic travel in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico? All Kentuckians should not have to subsidize the cost of air travel for only those who fly.
  • With DHS having the authority to change the parameters of what is required of a REAL ID Compliant DL, how can the KYTC guarantee the price of our DL’s won’t go up?
  • How can the KYTC guarantee the vendor, of which we only know of one that exists (creating a monopoly on this product), won’t jack the price up?
  • Because the “Local Mandate” is not available on SB 245, there is not estimate of the costs involved, costs that will not show up directly or be covered by the fee increase, yet they will ultimately have to pay for. Where is the Local Mandate for SB 245?
  • Did you know that Oklahoma as state similar in size says it could cost them up to $13 Million do comply with REAL ID.

One has to wonder why this thing is being fast-tracked, most bills usually go through 4-5 years of being filed, heard, and discussed before it is decided to allow it to pass or never take the issue up again. Yes we understand that 2018 DHS deadline is looming. However, DHS has been putting this deadline back ever since the passage of REAL ID in 2005, so what’s the hurry now?

For more information on REAL ID please visit our page dedicated to the issue.


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  1. Lowell Ginn says:

    The bill takes a way more rights then it protects for the American Citizen
    Moves us in the wrong direction . Do not vote yes to this bill SB 245
    Build a wall on the borders of this country and stop the fraud and waste

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