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Published on 23 March 2016 by in State Legislative Alerts


Legislative Message Line: 1-800-372-7181

HB 40 Felon Expungements – ON Senate Floor: Leave Message for Senate Leadership and Your Senators.

“Pass HB 40 with a wait period no longer than 5 years. HB 40 allows folks with the lowest level of felony conviction an opportunity to earn a chance to clear their record.”

This bill allows for the expungement of Felonies that failed a grand jury indictment as well as Class D Felonies. This bill would remove from a person’s record a failed grand jury indictment. If a grand jury won’t indict then it is not worth having on your record as you didn’t even commit a crime, the prosecution failed to even prove a trial for a crime should be had. It also provides a mechanism for the expungement of Class D Felonies. Class D Felonies used to be misdemeanors and misdemeanors already have a process for expungement.

HB 70 Restore Non-Violent Felons – In Senate Judiciary:Leave Message for Senate Leadership,Your Senators, and Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

 Pass HB 70 as is, no amendments, and restore non-violent felons voting rights. The time is now for them to come in out of the darkness and start being participates in society with proper representation”

TBK has been a supporter of HB 70 and continues to do so. For some of our newer subscribers this may come as a surprise or maybe not. We understand it is a rather complex subject matter to some, or maybe shaped by preconceived notions. However, we feel once all the arguments are heard and biases are put aside, this is an easily understood liberty issue we all should get behind.


Reasons to support HB 70:

  • This legislation is for non-violent offenders
  • If the Judicial/Prison system has deemed someone safe to be in society then they should be able to vote in that society, they have paid that debt off.
  • Further if they must now live in society and pay taxes in that society then they should have representation in that society.
  • Voting is a fundamental right of being a Citizen and you become a Citizen again once you have paid your debt to society.
  • In today’s society with the increasing laws it is quite possible anyone could become a felon quite easily, in fact writing a cold check over a certain amount can do it. Studies have also shown that on average the US Citizen breaks 3 Federal laws or regulations every day that would make them a felon if caught, things most people would probably never consider a violation.
  • Remember that the DHS Lexicon published a few years ago along with several state agencies across the country even labeled people with certain beliefs as potential terrorists. Some of those people include Gun Advocates, Pro-Life, Libertarians, Animal Rights Activities and Environmentalists. With such a broad brush by our government it is quite clear anyone could become a potential felon.

Considering all these points, not restoring a FORMER Felon’s right to vote is creating a group of 2nd Class Citizens in this country.



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  1. Senator Westerfield, I believe Senate bill 77 supports Justice. Please give it your support.

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