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HB 309 will be voted on the Senate Floor today @ 2PM. Public Private Partnerships as proposed in HB 309 is explained in simplest terms as this. A way for the government to spend money it doesn’t have off the books until the for profit entity comes to collect. This is not a simple lowest bidder process. This is a long term hand over of assets that will allow private businesses and government to gouge consumers and taxpayers.

Call Senate Leadership and your Senator and tell them to oppose HB 309 and P3’s in fact you can use the language above. 

We are also fairly certain Governor Bevin is for P3”s as well based on his past comments. Call Governor Bevin and tell him to change his mind on P3’s and that if he wants to be a fiscally responsible conservative that doesn’t kick the can down the road, then he should be against this.


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