REAL ID: One Final Appeal

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TBK and the conservative, constitutional, liberty Grassroots have tried several appeals to our elected officials trying to convince them not to pass REAL ID.

  • Constitutional 10TH Amendment (states’ rights vs. federal overreach
  • Financial (unfunded, increased fees)
  • Constitutional 4th Amendment (scanning of information/documents)
  • Criminal (identity theft)

Now we try one last appeal, Constitutional 1st Amendment (religious). The grounds for this argument is found in Revelation 13, with the Anti-Christ and the Mark of the Beast. Without diving into all the theology of the Mark of the Beast, Christians familiar with the Mark of the Beast will know there are several characteristics it will need to have.

  1. Must be global
  2. Will identify
  3. Controls all transactions.
  4. Used for tracking
  5. Mandatory

When the Social Security Number first came out, Christians believed it to be the Mark of the Beast, but it was not. It was a number issued for a voluntary benefit program, in the United States, which could not be used for identification purposes. Well we have come a long way since then, but it is still it was not and is not the Mark of the Beast.

Is REAL ID the Mark of the Beast? No it is not, but it is the precursor.

  1. Is it Mandatory?
    1. No, for now REAL ID is not mandatory as not every state has met the benchmarks to make it so. Further it is only for the purposes of air-travel, but this is the leverage DHS and the TSA are using to make it “mandatory.”
  2. Does it Control Transactions?
    1. Once DHS has every state in compliance it will control air-travel. Therefore it is controlling some transactions as well as travel. So your right to buy and sell is controlled, as well as your right to travel.
  3. Is it Global?
    1. Yes: This is why the air-travel component is very important. The ICAO is a part of the regulation creation process for REAL ID.
    2. What is the ICAO? It is the International Civil Aviation Organization and it is an agency of the United Nations. states it right on their website.
    3. What role does the ICAO have in REAL ID? They are a part of the Regulatory process. DHS – “Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” (Mar. 2007) – section 3 “Digital Photograph” (March 2007) footnote (17) states ”The relevant ICAO standard is ICAO 9303 Part 1 Vol 2, specifically ISO/IEC 19794-5 – Information technology – Biometric data interchange formats – Part 5: Face image data, which is incorporated into ICAO 9303 See page 17, 3rd Column, bottom right.
  4. Will it be used for tracking and will it be used to Identify?
    1. One Day: ICAO 9303 is about Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD) and there are several Parts and editions to ICAO 9303. Here is a link to the most recent 15th Edition, Part 4 detailing Biometric Identification used for MRTD.
      1. The form of Biometrics used is Facial Recognition. Facial Biometrics is not person-to-person identification, but also computer-to-person identification. A mapping of characteristics on the face is done using an algorithm that will allow in a surveillance society to track the movements of people.
    2. The fact that this document is going to be used for air-travel, and is your driver’s license means it will be a tracking document.

No REAL ID is not the Mark of the Beast, but as we said it is the precursor, it lays the ground work.  As Christians we will not take the Mark of the Beast, but many are averse to anything that signals it could be, we do not want to be enrolled in that system. While we understand all these prophecies must come to pass, we are not eager for them. As Christians our goal is to lead as many people to Christ and Salvation as possible. So as Christians we must do what we can to delay. The furtherance of a surveillance society, the bigger the government grows, the less freedoms there are,  the closer the end draws near, the fewer and fewer souls will have the opportunity to find Salvation. Christians should be opposed to REAL ID, and other programs or expenditures that violate liberties and freedoms, increases in the size of government and its involvement in our lives.

We encourage Christians to call the Legislature and ask their Representative to vote no on HB 245/REAL ID as it is against your Religious Principles

We encourage those of you who are not Christians to call in and ask your Representative to vote no as well, as there are many more reasons we listed above not to go through with REAL ID.

We know Governor Matt Bevin was for Kim Davis and her Right to her Moral Conscience. We know the Governor to be a Christian man, maybe he is unaware of these things, and maybe he hasn’t realized the religious component to this legislation yet. Right now he supports this legislation, but maybe if he hears  your concerns from this angel he will reconsider. Pray for him and pray that he reconsiders it.

The Legislative Message Line is 1-800-372-7181

The Governor’s Constituent Services Line is 502-564-2611


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  1. Joe says:

    The governor knows full well. He is in on it. The alternative license they offer is basically identical. You give a biometric scan, etc to the United Nations or else they will steal your right to travel and starve you out. They are traitors. They say they are Christian too, but they lie!

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