So far so good, REAL ID/SB 245 has not passed yet this session; however it only has one more hurdle to pass and that is a vote in the House. We do not know if this bill is dead in the House. The last day the House met in chambers on April 1st two representatives put floor amendments on the bill. This could be because they are trying to kill it or they think it is may go somewhere and they are attaching another piece of legislation to it. This may be voted on Tuesday.

So this is what we need, everyone to touch base with their Representative and let them know you are opposed to REAL ID/SB 245, and that a favorable vote on this legislation could make the difference in whether or not you support them this election season.  Also let all House Leadership know you are opposed to REAL ID/SB 245

REAL ID is one of the most serious affronts to Liberty and Federal encroachment we have had to fight for against. For more info CLICK HERE

Speaking of Federal overreach, the Senate is allowing a Health and Welfare Committee to consider HB 5 (ObamaCare/kynect) and HB 6(Medicaid Expansion) on Monday, April 11th.  These two bills would codify into law in Kentucky ObamaCare and the Medicaid Expansion.

You need to let the Senators on the Health and Welfare committee know you are opposed to ObamaCare/kynect HB 5 and the Medicaid Expansion HB 6 in Kentucky. That you will not tolerate any further Federal overreach into your life and that a favorable vote for these two will be remembered when you go to vote.

Both Need Action Monday


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