Will Bevin Stand With Massie?

Kentucky Legislators are trying to force REAL ID/SB 245 compliance down the throats of Kentuckians, it has already made it to Governor Bevin’s desk. However, Representative Thomas Massie (KY-CD4) has recently filed to be a co-sponsor on HR 4375 that would repeal REAL ID at the Federal level. Rep. Massie is one of the strongest defenders in Washington D.C. of Conservative Constitutional principles. REAL ID/SB 245 should not be allowed to become law with this pending repeal looming. We will have wasted time, money, and resources on “fixing” a Driver’s License system with this overhaul, that is not broken, and may not even be necessary. Further this monstrosity of a Federal Overreach is a violation of our Civil Rights and State Sovereignty!

We ask Governor Bevin to stand with Rep. Massie and defend the Constitution and the Rights of the Citizens he represents by vetoing SB 245/REAL ID. So far the Governor has not signed it, we hope this is a sign he is giving careful consideration to the issue, despite his early favorable leanings.   

Call Governor Bevin at 502-564-2611

Email him by CLICKING HERE

We also need to contact the rest of Kentucky’s Congressional delegation and tell the Representatives to co-sponsor HR 4375, and the Senators to co-sponsor S. 2440. For contact information of all the D.C. delegation CLICK HERE as it is compiled on our website for easy access.

2 Responses to “BREAKING: Rep. Thomas Massie Fights Against REAL ID”

  1. Sheri says:

    I know there must be a reason you think KY needs it but if Massie is against it? I hate to say I know and like him. You? I don’t know so well and don’t know if you have my best interest at heart.

  2. Bill says:

    I think a clarification needs to be made. Rep. Massie is against REAL ID and is supporting HR 4375 to repeal it at the federal level. TBK supports this legislation and Rep. Massie’s sponsorship. TBK opposes REAL ID. In the state legislature there is a bill SB 245 that would overhaul the current DL system making it REAL ID compliant, TBK is opposed to this legislation, and Rep. Massie is opposed to this legislation, obviously since he is sponsoring repeal legislation in D.C.

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