This past Saturday, the Kentucky Republican Party held its state convention, and one of the resolutions passed, and put into the party platform is to be against REAL ID. That’s right, the delegates in attendance voted overwhelmingly to be against REAL ID, despite the party establishment trying to discourage the delegates from doing so. This win was not by a narrow margin, no it was approximately an 80-20% vote in favor of the party being against REAL ID.

We think the choice is now crystal clear for Governor Bevin, VETO SB 245/REAL ID! His office has been inundated with calls and emails all session long against SB 245/REAL ID. Citizens from both ends of the political spectrum, and in between are against it. ACLU Liberals are against it, TEA Party Conservatives are against it, Constitutionalists and Libertarians are against it. In fact we think this issue really took a turn when the members of the Christian community started to realize the Biblical implications of this kind of legislation, and now rank and file Republicans participating in the party process have put it in writing they are against it. Rep. Thomas Massie is against REAL ID, co-sponsoring HR 4375 in Congress to repeal REAL ID at the Federal level. We look for Senator Rand Paul to follow suit in the Senate and co-sponsor S. 2440.

The only people left standing for REAL ID/SB 245 are statist establishment hacks that are out of touch with citizens, and the principles of liberty this great nation is founded on!

Call Governor Bevin @ 502-564-2611 or email him, and tell him to VETO SB 245/REAL ID! It can still become law if he doesn’t sign it, make it clear you don’t want that to happen, you want a clear and decisive message from our Governor that he will stand up for Liberty, the Constitution, and the citizens of this great Commonwealth. Remember the sand in the hourglass for Governor Bevin to VETO SB 245/REAL ID runs out Wednesday, otherwise it becomes law, even without his signature!

For more information on this Federal overreach that encroaches on our Civil Liberties and State Sovereignty, CLICK HERE


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