There are a couple of issues we need to be concerned about regarding our Electronic Freedom.

First from the Electronic Frontier Foundation

“The Department of Justice is using an obscure procedure to push through a rule change that will greatly increase law enforcement’s ability to hack into computers located around the world. It’s an update to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. If Congress does nothing, this massive change will automatically go into effect on December 1.”

“We’ve written a detailed explanation of the changes to Rule 41, which explains why this update will result in a dramatic increase in government hacking. Here’s an overview of some of the main reasons we are concerned:

  • Government agents hacking into computers more frequently is a recipe for disaster. Law enforcement will increase their exploitation of security vulnerabilities in common software products, meaning vulnerabilities that could affect millions will be left open instead of patched.
  • Law enforcement will forum shop, finding government-friendly magistrate judges to sign off on warrants with a loose connection to the judicial district.
  • Law enforcement will pressure judges to sign off on remote searches of thousands of computers with a single warrant—a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment and a pattern we’re already seeing.”

You can Click Here to access a petition EFF has set up. You can also click below for more contact information.


Secondly we need to be aware that the Intelligence Authorization Act for 2017 will allow for the FBI to hack our emails without a warrant.  Those bill numbers are HR 5077 and S 3017

Click Here to read a statement from Sen. Ron Wyden on his opposition to this legislation when it was in the Senate Committee.


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