Doesn’t this sound like something Obama would do? Your Legal Medical Rights are about to be limited! Call 1-800-372-7181 to stop it!

Sponsor(s):                          Sen. Ralph Alverado  

Status:                                  Posted in House Committee  1st Readng

Committee:                          House Health and Family Services

Committee Members:        

Committee Room #:            149 

Timeframe:                           12 PM Thursday

Message is for:                    House Leadership, House Committee Members, and Your Representative.

Message:                             Vote No on SB 4, don’t limit patient’s rights  

Optional:                              Email, write, or visit a legislator. Testify in committee.  

Bill Info:                               Cronyism: Supposed tort reform for medical malpractice 

This bill is flying fast through the legislature, one would hope since this bill is a little more obscure than Right to Work or Pro-Life bills it would receive some scrutiny before it is rubber stamped in the House. There are a lot of issues with this legislation we think the House should consider before passing this bill week one of the legislative session. Below are a few of those concerns listed:

1. Premise of tort reform seems focused on Doctors’ lawsuits and malpractice insurance premiums, not patient quality of care.
2. Malpractice insurance premiums are not necessarily affected by lawsuits as much as by legal culture (an unchageable in each state – Florida is covered in tort reform and still has the highest insurance premiums, whereas Minnesota is hardly regulated and has the lowest).
3. The best way to reduce malpractice payouts is to increase quality of care (“”patient safety””).
4. The rising cost of healthcare is hardly affected by the indirect cost of malpractice premiums.
5. Doctors get to choose a panel member, who then can pick a second member of the 3-vote panel. Multiple other details leave the door open for corruption or cronyism.
6. Voting panel members get 6 months to review a case and are paid $350 total. No successful practicing doctor has time to devote to nearly-charity cases. (Resulting in very little time or attention given to the case to form an “”expert opinion””.)
7. Panel conclusion would be admissible in the actual malpractice case as expert testimony.
8. Actual obviously frivolous lawsuits can be easily dismissed by a court currently. Only if there are question marks on the issues or facts do cases proceed through the process in the first place.”

Click HERE to view the Alert for the Senate.

Updated 1/6/2017, Updated 2/4/2017

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