2017 Legislation to Follow, So Far…

Published on 16 January 2017 by in Legislation


Medical Review Panels SB 4TBK Opposes – One Dangerous Bill Pending

REAL IDHB 77 – TBK Opposes – REAL ID in the KY Media Again

An Education Bill SB 1 – This needs to be looked at! This bill may be the intended fix for Common Core, or it may just make things worse. It is quite lengthy.

Constitutional Carry SB 7 – TBK Supports – This legislation permits you to conceal carry without a conceal carry permit in the state. It does not abolish conceal carry permits due to reciprocity we have with other states.

Firearms Freedom Act HB 108 – TBK Supports. This isa 10th Amendment bill, the basic concept is if firearms or parts are produced and sold in KY they are not subject to Federal Regulations.

Nullify Federal Anti 2nd Amendment Laws HB 120 – TBK Supports

Medical CannabisSB 57 – TBK Supports

No Public Funds for AbortionHB 149  & SB 8 – TBK Supports – Taxpayer Money should not go to something any segment of society finds morally abhorrent.  This is precisely the reason why government and taxation should be limited.

Sanitation District Tax Reform HB 107 – TBK Supports – Prevents Sanitation Districts from charging citizens without actually performing a service.

Charter Schools HB 103 – TBK Supports the concept, but we want to review this before a final decision is made.

End Straight Party Voting HB 157 – Enacting this bill will actually require citizens to think and evaluate each candidate at the voting booth. This is a bill that will likely receive full support from TBK once we have met this month and discussed it.

10th Amendment Resolution HJR 8 – Stop Coercive Federal Mandates – TBK Supports – Passage of this Resolution cold go a long way toward ending things like ObamaCare, overreaching EPA Regulations, or even REAL ID!

No Budget, No Special Pay HB 34 – TBK Supports – If legislators can’t pass a budget, then they don’t get paid if a special session has to be called to pass a budget.

No Foreign Law HB 40 – TBK Supports – This will keep Sharia, UN, or any other foreign law from being permitted in Kentucky that violates the State of Federal Constitutions. When you think about it, its sad a bill like this is necessary.

Religious and Political Free Speech in Schools SB 17 –  TBK Supports – This will prevent school officials from censoring or regulating the speech of students at public and post secondary education institutions as well as endorsing or favoring a view point.

Former Felon’s Right to Vote SB 69 – TBK Supports – TBK Statement on Reasons to Support

Pastoral Counseling Licensure SB 97 – No official stance by TBK as this is a new bill but will probably oppose

Child Abuse Registry HB 47 – No official stance by TBK as this is a new bill, while it sounds good on the surface, we have come to realize a lot of these well intended bills have a lot of sticky points that should be explored.

Unification of County Governments – HB 166 – TBK Opposes – See Statement on why Merging Counties is a Bad Idea.

Abolishment of Constables HB 160 – TBK Opposes – See Statement on why not to Abolish the office Constable.

Sheriff Inspections HB 26 – Needs to be reviewed

MidwiferySB 105 & HB 148 – TBK Supports; however, there has been much discussion on the matter. We may revisit it at the next meeting.

Felony ExpungementSB 16 – This may be a positive tweak on the Expungment bill that passed last year, but it should be reviewed.

Not all bills have been filed yet, and not all the ones filed have had a review by us yet. Considering the new make up of the Legislature, we imagine our attention will focus differently than it has in years past anyway. We expect a lot of new things to be filed this session, so get ready for some new topic and alerts as well.


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  1. Hello,
    I happened to access this page after a colleague brought it to my attention. This particular bill accomplished three things: 1) It defines pastoral counseling because so few people are familiar with it as a discipline; 2) It provides for an equivalent course of study (because seminaries rarely offer 90 credit degrees anymore); It protects the citizens of the Commonwealth of KY from those who might advertise themselves as offering pastoral counseling without a license as required by the State.
    Please note: this bill applies only to mental health counselors who off pastoral counseling and protects members of the clergy who offer pastoral care and counseling to members of their congregations and are exempt from licensure requirements.
    Feel free to contact me if there are any questions or concerns.
    Elizabeth Reda Milazzotto, D. Min.,
    Chair, Licensure Board for Pastoral Counselors.

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