2017 Legislative Update/Progress

Published on 16 January 2017 by in Legislation

  • 102 Senate Bills Filed
  • 165 House Bills Filed
  • 7 Bills have passed both chambers and signed by the Governor (become law)
  • 1 Bill has passed the Senate and is pending with the Hosue
  • No bills are pending with the Senate.
Kentucky’s 7 newest laws
SB 3 – Legislator Pension Transparency
SB 5 – Ban on Abortions at 20 weeks or older
SB 6 – Prevents Unions from automatic collection dues from their members paychecks without written consent.
SB 12 – Restructure of the University of Louisville Board of Trustees.
HB 1 – Right-to-Work, joining a union is not a condition of employment.
HB 2 – Ultrasound Informed Consent – Requires an ultrasound prior to an abortion, giving the mother/patient all available information before a decision is made as in any medical procedure.
HB 3 – Repeals Prevailing Wage  – Prevailing wage was basically a way for state contractors to overcharge the state in order to pay their employees well over industry standard wages.

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