Don’t Abolish the County Constable

Published on 16 January 2017 by in Issues


There are several reasons not to abolish the County Constable, first of which is it is a Constitutional Office, we at TBK are not too fond of opening the door to tinkering with the Constitution. Like the Sheriff, the Constable is elected by the people, and when it comes to law enforcement it is important to have those positions voted on as they have the trust of the people. Since They are elected by the people, the more representation for the people the better. Because they are elected they serve as a check and balance against other portions of government. They are not funded by taxpayer dollars, thus making some of the services they provided cheaper. In fact, (and this varies based on county) the Constable’s office does some things the Sheriff’s office does not. The Constable’s office acts as a supplement to local law enforcement like the Sheriff’s office when they need back up. Or they serve as the law in rural and remote locations that other law enforcement cannot provide as expediently. Getting rid of this office would cost taxpayer money due to the need to hire full duty Sheriff Deputies as opposed to the more cost effective Constables, as well as leave a gap in our communities regarding the services the Constable provides.

For more information on Kentucky County Constables CLICK HERE


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