REAL ID in KY Media Again

Published on 16 January 2017 by in Issues


Right now, there is a lot of fearmongering by the media and some legislators about not being able to get on military bases in Kentucky unless you have a REAL ID compliant driver’s license. It’s time we understand something; the bases are Federal facilities and the Federal government can change their required documents to whatever they want them to be. If you will note in this article there are a multitude of documents one can use to gain entry, but all of them have something in common, they are all a Federal form of identification. So, ask yourself this, why do the Feds keep telling us they are not creating a National ID, when a REAL ID compliant DL will get you into base that only accepts some form of Federal ID? Because they are taking control of our sovereignty with REAL ID and its coercive mandates. Why would state lawmakers, especially those concerned with liberty clamor for something that is reminiscent of Nazi Germany?

Before the session starts back up Feb 7th we will be issuing a comprehensive REAL ID update. Right now, it doesn’t appear the final legislation has been proposed as the sponsor of HB 77 appears to be jumping the gun, and introducing the severely flawed legislation from last session, SB 245. There are supposed to be changes based on interim committee meetings and discussions with grassroots leaders. One way we know HB 77 is not the final version desired by all Kentuckians is this balanced approached video Governor Bevin recently released on the matter. So, stay tuned!


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  1. Jeannine B. Smith says:

    NKU Legislative Forum: 2-11-17. Sen. Chris McDaniels stated that HB 77 would be passed and signed by Bevin and there was nothing I could do about it. McDaniels was rude annoyed that I would ask the question.
    Bevin was at NKRP 2-13-17. Spoke with Bevin regarding HB 77 and Bevin said that HB 77 needed tweaking. I was unsure as to what Bevin would do regarding HB 77. Bevin assured that REAL ID info would not be given to other states. Totally, confused as to resolution if any? Bevin heard my concerns. We the People have a real dangerous issue (HB77). What should we do to inform legislators. I truly believe they have not read nor understand HB 77. They will pass HB 77, then we will know what is in it! Sound Familiar?

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