SB 7 was supposed to be heard in committee Thursday last week. However, Republicans in the Senate got weak-kneed when faced with opposition from a Liberal Women’s Anti-Gun Group called Moms Demand Action.  Also some in Law Enforcement seem to be against your 2nd Amendment Right, they say they prefer to just have CCDW for the training and the state background check that occurs. Where in the Bill of Rights does it say you must pass a background check or have training in order to exercise your 2nd Amendment Rights to defend yourself?  Unfortunately there may be another motiving factor as to why some in Law Enforcement oppose SB 7, and that’s fiscal, they would loose out on the money they collect from issuing the CCDW license. What they don’t realize is they may get more money because more people would carry concealed, and decided they want to have the reciprocity with other states when they travel and go forward with getting their CCDW, getting the training, the check, and the revenue Law Enforcement wants.

As an organization that spawned from the creation of CCDW when it was needed, (you couldn’t carry concealed at all as many places in the country were far removed from the intent of the founders and the 2nd Amendment), we also encourage training, every major gun organization out there does, it is the wise, safe thing to do. However, living in a free society also means you have to accept risk, but one of those risks should not be sacrificing your right to protect yourself for the preferences of government officials.

Therefore we encourage everyone to light-up the phone lines in Frankfort with support for SB 7 – Constitutional Carry. 

Leave this message for All Senate Leadership, The Senate Public Protection Committee Members, and YOUR Senator,  and tell them simply this “Restore 2A and Pass SB 7.”  In fact tell your Senator you expect them to sponsor this legislation and help push it though. Supposedly even though this bill has several sponsors (a few of which are in leadership) its not enough according to those in Frankfort, even though bills with few sponsors have become law in the past.  Contrast that with SB 245 – REAL ID from last year, no one wanted it, and it had only one sponsor and made it to the Governor’s Desk before he vetoed it, thankfully.

We also believe Governor Bevin is friendly to this issue, so we need you to also call him and request he use his position to influence the legislature to pass SB 7.

Legislature: 1-800-372-7181
Governor: 502-564-2611

List of States that already have Constitutional Carry:

West Virginia

And Just this past week, New Hampshire, the “LIVE FREE OR DIE” State!!

We also encourage you to call into local talk radio programs, write and editorial in the paper, share information on social media about Constitutional Carry and SB 7, or GO TO THE CAPITOL and do some grassroots lobbying on behalf of SB 7.

Major 2A organizations like GOA, NAGR, and the NRA support Constitutional Carry, with that much backing there is no reason the grassroots, and citizens of Kentucky (one of the most gun friendly states, even with Democrats in charge for 95 years) can’t have this legislation pass with the New Majority in Frankfort


5 Responses to “Constitutional Carry: Restore the 2nd Amendment”

  1. Jeff Feist says:

    We the People have the right to Constitutional carry. Those in government have the responsibility to pass the legislation.

  2. Jim/Linda Conrad says:

    Why do we need a KY law to support the right to carry a gun? We support the 2nd amendment to the Constitution the right to have a firearm. But we believe if the state of KY passes this law then it gives the illusion that the 2nd amendment is not “Constitutional enough”. The Constitution covers all of the population.

  3. Bill says:

    The Kentucky Constitution bans conceal carry, but gives the General Assembly the authority to change this. So passing Constitutional Carry will make the intent of the founders desire for an uninhibited 2nd Amendment to come to fruition here in Kentucky.

  4. Adam G says:

    Can’t believe the tree huggers got CCW took away in the first place!

    They need to legalize all guns for those who can pass a simple background check and that hasn’t committed crimes.

    If a criminal wants a gun, trust me.. They will get one legal or not!

    Hell, gang bangers and criminals carry machine guns in the cities yet we can’t own one for a collection? Even if we sit in on a mantle as an historic piece without a basic act of God completing the paperwork?

    It’s silly. Just plain stupidity from crazy Liberals and i am proud to see KY finally starting to get back to morals and standards. God knows the past 8 years of dictatorship has been hell on this county.. The honest working part of it anyways!

  5. Tim R. Perry says:

    There are two sides to every issue. The right to carry a concealed pistol brings a tremendous amount of responsibility. The CCDW training was lacking in depth as to the many issues and scenarios a person may encounter. It gave you the basics. The testing lacked any serious challenge and further training was recommended by our instructor. Knowledge is power! I do agree on background checks for obvious reasons. An untrained individual with a loaded weapon is a threat in itself. Proper training is paramount. All that being said…my 2nd amendment right is my concealed carry permit. Pass bill SB 7.

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