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We wanted to bring something to your attention that is happening right here in Kentucky. It has not received much attention yet, but we feel the story is starting to gain steam, and when people learn about it they will be absolutely outraged. There is an Amish Farmer here in KY by the name of Sam Girod that makes salves, and the FDA is trying to put him in jail for 58 years!! What was his crime? A labeling infraction! Want to learn more, or how to get involved and help Sam, then CLICK HERE!


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  1. Bruce says:

    I attended Sam’s pre-trial hearing, where a 13th count was entered against him. He had received a notice that stated that a hearing for his case had been scheduled but Sam did not infer that he was required to attend, so he didn’t. At that point, he was a fugitive from justice. He was arrested and is now in the Fayette County Detention Center. He was frog marched into the courtroom in his orange jumpsuit, and was in handcuffs. The handcuffs remained on for the entire proceedings, leaving Sam trying to leaf through a sheaf of papers detailing the new charges against him, which could add ten years in a federal penitentiary and $250,000 in additional fines. Apparently, this elderly gray hair Amish farmer was deemed to be too dangerous to the court to dare removing his handcuffs. He may overpower the six armed guards and escape. There’s no telling how many people this Amish farmer might kill in the process. It’s just absurd. I’ll be back for Sam’s trial on February 27th. If there was any justice, I’d be on the jury. The trial would end with the FDA and their attorneys in jail. The FDA is actually trying to convict an Amish farmer for unintentionally violating one of their labeling rules and imprison him for life. That’s how out of control our feral government has become. If this isn’t tyranny, then I don’t know the definition of that word.

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