Oppose HB 147: Forced Vaccinations

Published on 14 February 2017 by in Legislative Alerts


Oppose HB 147: Forced Vaccinations to attend a public or private university. 

Set to be voted on in the House 2/15/2017 

Action to take: Call All House Leadership and YOUR Representative and let them know you OPPOSE HB 147 and government mandates on health.


This bill if it became law it would force those who attend any Post-Secondary Education (Public or Private) to get Vaccinations the CHFS deem necessary.  There is a religious exemption, but how many people are going to think of that and why should we even have to.

Those advocating for this already say it is in public schools (which already violates parental rights), and so this is the next logical step. Why? Because making sure people are vaccinated is a public health concern. Therefore if something becomes a public health concern the government can mandate medical decisions, or coerce you into taking the desired action. This is just the camels nose in the tent, if public health concern is the argument that wins the day, then what is to stop them from mandating a vaccine in order to hold a job, or from mandating other medical decisions that should be freely ours to take. Some might even argue that any institution, public or private can set what ever admittance requirements they want, and that is true to an extent, however you can’t contract your basic human rights away, otherwise we have much darker scenarios to worry about. The problem is it is not just an institution that will mandate this, but the government itself, but it makes no difference schools are extensions of government and government has no authority to take rights away, unless a crime is committed, of course maybe in the future we will have violations of public health concerns being a crime

Bottom line is vaccines should be voluntary. If it works then those who took them have nothing to fear from those who did not, if they don’t then forcing a vaccine on people is a moot point, and has less to do about health and more to do about control.

Governor Bevin stated during the Lexington TEA Party Debate when he ran from Governor that he would oppose any form of forced vaccination. Therefore any action by the legislature on this matter would be folly as it stands a good chance of being vetoed.


3 Responses to “Oppose HB 147: Forced Vaccinations”

  1. Diane says:

    I agree it should be voluntary.

  2. Louise Adams says:

    Vaccinations should be voluntary only!!!

  3. Melissa Patrick says:

    Hello, I am working on a story about this issue for Kentucky Health News and would like to ask if your organization has documentation of Gov. Bevin saying he opposed and would block any form of forced vaccination. I am looking for details — where he said it, the date, time of the event and any recording that may have been made of him saying this. Thanks.

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