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The Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act is a piece of legislation TBK has been advocating for quite some time. With the Democrats in charge it never saw the light of day. However, the original sponsor Rep. Stan Lee stayed faithful to it and this year with The New Majority in Frankfort HB 108, the Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act (KFFA) will have a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee at noon on Wednesday 2/22/2017. If you love the 2nd Amendment we suggest you call your Representative, House Leadership, and Members of the House Judiciary Committee and voice support for the KFFA. In fact if you can (we understand this is late notice) you pack the Committee Room (Annex 171).

For those of you who are unaware, KFFA will make any federal gun law null and void if a gun is made, bought, and sold here in Kentucky. This legislation can bolster not only 2nd Amendment Rights, but also attract weapons manufactures to the state creating a positive economic impact.

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7 Responses to “Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act Alert”

  1. Paul says:

    Time to be more independent as a state. Time for California, etc. to stop telling Ky. what we should and must do. We are not NYC, we are Kentucky and proud of it.

  2. Thomas Brooks says:

    I support the Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act.please vote yes on HB 108.

  3. Sheila allen says:

    Pass the Hb108

  4. Louis faust says:

    Support ky citizens right to bear arms, thereby supporting favorable legislation, allowing less stipulation on weapons manufactured in Kentucky.

  5. Cheri bentley says:

    PASS HB108…………… repeat pass HB108

  6. Gary Holder says:

    Wonderful legislation, lets do this!

  7. mark wagner says:

    This would be great as Anderson Manufacturing in Hebron KY is the 6th largest producer of long guns in the US

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