The Feds Want Your Fingerprints

Published on 22 February 2017 by in State Legislative Alerts


There seems to be a theme this session, BIOMETRICS! From having to fight REAL ID as the obvious battle to a whole slew of fingerprint bills. The Feds are dangling funding in the state’s face if they would just pass all these laws requiring federal background checks (fingerprint collection) a little at a time on certain segments of society. But this year they seem to be out in front with it, not even trying to hide it in regulations.

We have several:

  • HB 262: Collection of Fingerprints for a Federal Background Check for DOR and CHFS employees,
  • SB 161: Expansion of Fingerprints for a Federal Background Check for Teachers.
  • SB 236/HB 402: Omnibus CHFS Bills that has Fingerprints for a Federal Background Check for Public Youth Camp Workers.

Which brings us to this Thursday, the House Health and Family Services Committee will hear HB 374 which will require Fingerprints for a Federal Background Check for applicants to a Child-Care Center (public or private.) A reading of the law indicates that Sunday School is not covered by this as well some 501(c)(3) Youth Development Agencies and that’s about it for the exceptions.

While background checks may seem  like reasonable and appropriate precautions to try and prevent nefarious activity, it is also being used as a way for the Feds to gather our biometric data anyway they can, and each year they are going to keep adding category after category of people until there are less people who are not in the databases than those who are not. This sets up the slow boil that will allow REAL ID to collect more biometrics down the road with little resistance. The ICAO, the UN Agency that is helping DHS formulate the Regs for REAL ID are already looking into fingerprints and iris scans to go in addition to the facial recognition technology they are already imposing on the states. These bills are literally helping to Federalize the states even further in the effort to create a strong Central Government that will have the tools it need to transition into a full blown police state.

Call and leave a message for Your Representative, Members of the House Health and Family Services Committee and All House Leadership in Opposition to HB 374.

The Fed’s Fingerprints are all over this Session!


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