TBK Voted to be in favor of Charter Schools and Rep. Phil Moffett’s version HB 103. However, Rep Carney’s Bill 520 seems to be the one everyone is lining up behind. Below is a letter sent by UKTP with their concerns regarding HB 520. If you feel the same, we encourage you to contact your legislators and Governor Bevin.

“Dear (name of Senator or Representative)

Before the end of the legislative session, you will most likely be asked to vote on HB520, Rep. Carney’s charter schools’ bill. You have already received an impassioned plea from Secretary Heiner to pass this bill for Kaylee’s sake, but Kaylee needs and deserves so much more than HB520 would provide.

It might be easier to understand what this bill does not provide. It does not guarantee the full funding necessary for charter schools to succeed. Not allowing local, state and federal funds to follow the child within their district is a recipe for charter school failure. What’s happened in other states clearly shows us that a lack of adequate funding sets charter schools up to fail. 

Rep. Carney’s bill also does not provide for multiple authorizers. Without the multiple-authorizers provision, the local school districts will never approve a charter school in their district and, based on our research, the state school board has never overruled a local school district when an appeal has been filed by parent groups — other than to grandfather in some students who are part of an interdistrict transfer agreement.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools reports there were 6,723 charter schools in the United States during 2015, of which 93%, or 6,241, were in states with multiple authorizers. Only 482, or 7%, exist in states that limit authorizers to a single authorizer, like HB520 does.

Earlier in this session, you stood up and took bold action to pass right-to-work, repeal the prevailing wage, pass the ultrasound bill and the 20 week late term abortion bill. You’ve showed great courage and foresight. Now is not the time to be timid on charter schools. HB520 will result in few, if any, charter schools being started. We need you to be bold for Kaylee’s sake and give the parents and children of Kentucky a serious chance for a brighter future. 

Finally, some have expressed concern about a possible legal challenge to the bill. There likely could be a challenge to any charter-school bill from our current Attorney General. But this is no reason to deny Kaylee the opportunity to attend a great school. 

Be bold, recognize that those ideologically opposed to school choice will never support a strong charter-school bill and remember: 43 states now have charter schools; not a single legal challenge has succeeded in preventing any state from having charter schools, including states dominated by both parties. 

What if a strong law gets challenged and we win?

Please amend HB520 to include multiple authorizers as well as full funding that follows the child. Your bold actions will give Kaylee, and thousands of Kentucky children, a brighter educational future.


Scott Hofstra


United Kentucky Tea Party”


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