The full blown version of REAL ID is HB 77; however, as we have informed you, HB 410 has been filed by Rep. DuPlessis to replace HB 77 in attempt to address the concerns the Liberty Community and the Governor had with the original. In fact Rep. DuPlessis claimed he got the language from the Governor’s office and after a cursory review we thought this was not reflective of the Liberty Communities or the Governor’s desires. We were concerned with that information getting out there some would try and hang a bad bill around the Governor’s neck.

After having a chance to give it a good review, we must first say it was a long and hard read. We hope the legislators had time to review it all themselves and understand the implications of what is happening.

Here is a breakdown of the important parts in the bill:

Page 1 line 8-10: Moving to 3rd-party vendor (similar to passport issuance) for both state and federal licenses.

Page 2, line 24-25: compare to current KRS 186.412, removed SSN religious exemption

Page 4, lines 6-9; page, 7 lines 24-27; page 18, lines 13-18: state-only ID does not require scanning breeder document.

Page 13 lines 12-14: follows federal guidelines even for state licenses

Page 15 lines 5-21: religious exemption for pictures added

page 21, line 25 through page 24, line 1: A lot of questions will still be unanswered as to how and what the database will interact, be shared, etc.

Compare page 37 line 7 to page 38 line 6: discount for state id, but still raising fee from current ($40 for 8 years). Why are non-REAL ID compliant DL’s the same price?

Page 37-38: Raises the prices on basically everything

Page 40, line 5-13: Non-photo license is extra $30 fee. Why is this more?

Page 41, section 23: What is going on with this? New fund for “photo licenses” how are they paid for now? through clerks? is this just a part of going to the third-party vendor method?

Page 58: Raising the prices on CDLs

It is a slight improvement, but with all these issues it is not ready to be passed yet at all. There needs to be a Committee Sub or Floor Amendment. That said we would just prefer to not have to have REAL ID in the first place.

Tomorrow (2/28/2017) there will be a hearing on HB 410 in the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee @ 10AM in Annex Room 154. We need Liberty Activists to go to Frankfort tomorrow and voice their concerns. If you can’t go it is a must for you to email your legislators and call them. 1-800-372-7181 and tell them you are opposed to the current version the REAL ID bill, HB 410 and you definitely don’t want HB 77. It would also be a great idea to call Governor Bevin at 502-564-2611 and let him know the same thing, that so far HB 410 has not met ours, and probably his expectations of what a good bill should look like. Remember to thank him for his veto of SB 245 last year if you have not done so yet.


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  1. Kathy Reece says:

    Don’t need to have Real Id. Don’t need 3rd. party doing license costing more money! Need to lower price of license! Vote no on HB410 and certainly not Hb77!

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