Write your legislator and let them know you want Common Core gone, and that SB 1 is not the fix everyone thinks it is. UKTP has a great letter they sent that can help you and the legislators understand the issue.

Dear Representative,

The Senate recently passed SB1, the Kentucky Education Reform Bill. This bill made great strides in bringing the control of Kentucky’s education system back to the state and local level. Unfortunately, what it didn’t do was to repeal the failed Common Core basis for the Kentucky educational system. Bringing control of Kentucky’s educational system back under state and local control doesn’t make much sense when the basis is a failed federal program. Common Core has failed Kentucky’s children, their parents and educators. I personally know teachers who resigned from the public schools to teach in private schools because they were tired of being Common Core robots and test administrators. They wanted to do what they loved. They wanted to teach and educate children.

Governor Bevin and many of you, ran on a platform that included repealing Common Core in Kentucky. The Senate failed to put wording into SB1 that repealed any part of Common Core. SB1 simply rebrands and repackages it.

When SB1 comes to the House education committee and to the floor, we would ask you to please work together to introduce an amendment that repeals the Common Core Curriculum, testing, teaching methodologies and every last vestige of common core from the Kentucky educational system. Allow our teachers to be teachers and educators instead of Common Core drones. Allow the Kentucky educational system to draw their inspiration from the most successful education models instead of from the failed common core model. SB1 made great strides but its success relies on you all getting common core out of its way.


Scott Hofstra
United Kentucky Tea Party


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