First Bill Alert: Oppose HB 74 AN ACT relating to pawnbrokers.
Please Call toll-free 1-800-372-7181 and tell your State Senator and State Senate Leadership to Vote NO.

This bill starts a pawn broker database/registry supposedly to help in theft crimes, We view it as a violation of privacy. Further it will require drivers license and Social Security information. We strongly oppose this legislation as it treats private property owners as guilty to be proven innocent and it cripples their ability to do business. We need to call and oppose HB 74.

An ACT related to pawnbrokers.
Amend KRS 226.040 to require specific information on a pawnbroker’s register to be included on an Internet-based register; require that the register be available to law enforcement personnel and that it contain a full description of property purchased or pawned; require secondhand merchandise sold to a pawnbroker to be held a minimum of 12 days before being resold.


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