Bills to Watch: HB 242 and 243 are two of the worst bills introduced in Kentucky General Assembly. HB 242 consolidates more successful school districts into larger ones.
We agree with State Representative Jason Nemes that smaller school School Districts such as Anchorage Independent should not be forced to merge into Jefferson County Public Schools. Please call 1-800-372-7181 toll-free and leave a message: Thank you to Representative Jason Nemes for his strong opposition on this bad bill.”. HB 243 would allow for merger of Kentucky counties. Please call and leave a message to the House Local Government Committee Chair and Republican members of the committee to Vote NO. This annual bill should be opposed for several reasons. 1.) The cost related to merging counties. 2.) We believe in local control and this enables regionalization. 3.) This increases costs and travel times for citizens to reach their county seat. Why have drive up to an hour plus to reach your local government?

HB 242 – T. Herald
AN ACT relating to school districts.
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 156 to merge all current county and independent school districts into 55 districts; abolish existing local boards of education and establish 55 boards of education; amend KRS 160.210 to establish election procedures for new boards of education; amend KRS 160.500, 45A.345, 56.467, 65.230, 65.350, 65.355, 65.360, 65.940, 134.010, 134.119, 156.250, 156.435, 156.440, 156.445, 156.472, 156.480, 157.320, 157.370, 157.615, 158.135, 158.200, 160.045, 160.1590, 160.260, 160.455, 160.460, 161.810, 162.020, 162.520, 160.160, 160.240, and 136.602 to conform; repeal KRS 160.010, 160.020, 160.040, 160.041, 160.042, and 160.200; Sections 2 to 32 effective June 30, 2020.

Jan 24, 2018 – introduced in House
Jan 26, 2018 – to Education

HB 243/LM (BR 313) – T. Herald, A. Koenig

AN ACT relating to the consolidation of counties.
Create non-codified sections to consolidate various counties in the Commonwealth; stipulate how the county is to be divided into districts, select new county names and county seats, form taxing districts, integrate into representative, senatorial, congressional districts, or judicial circuits, require that records are transferred, treat appointed officials on boards, and the transition of the board functions, account for special districts, transfer contracts, bonds, franchises and other legal instruments to new county, transfer employees employed as of December 31, 2022, to new county, maintain local option status until changed by law, require Circuit Court clerks serve remainder of term concurrently and have duties for that period prescribed by Administrative Office of the Courts, and transition county board of election membership to coordinate with the consolidation.

Jan 24, 2018 – introduced in House
Jan 26, 2018 – to Local Government (H)


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  1. Phyllis mccord says:

    I am firmly against HB242 and HB243. Neither bill would benefit KY citizens but would hinder access to schools in HB242 and local government I HB243. What is the true goal? Neither bill makes any kind of positive change for the citizens of KY as written.

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