TBKY Red Hot Alert:. Today, in the Kentucky Senate, they are going to debate and vote on a Constitutional Amendment, SB2, allowing the legislators to pass legislation taking away the right of juries — citizens — we the people — to decide what someone who is injured by the negligence and wrongdoing of others should be compensated for. Think about that.
They do not trust juries to make that decision, but apparently have no problems letting those same juries decide who lives and dies in death penalty cases.
Juries are the ultimate equalizer — the judgment of the community brought to bear in civil and criminal cases. And these people want to take away the ability of juries to make things right (or as right as they can be) when someone does something wrong.


I mean… what can go wrong? I mean, it’s not like they are hurting anyone right? Except… look at Ohio. Where this kind of legislation limited the recovery of a 15 year old sexual assault victim.


Apparently our General Assembly likes to protect rapists. Great job…. way to stand up for we the people….


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