Bevin Bungles Education By Matt Singleton

Recently Governor Matt Bevin was interviewed concerning the picketing of public school educators over the budget crises concerning teachers pension.
There was an uproar made over a poorly developed argument. That (paraphrasing) with the hundreds of thousands of kids home from school, Many in single parent homes where the mother had to work or the child was left home alone would be expose to child sexual abuse.
This is a hyperbolic scenario that would only be worth mentioning if it had been verified by a real case. Thus this shaming argument comes off a bit kooky.
Dealing with the Pension crises indeed is a hefty economic crises that needed to be addressed. Yes, I respect Bevin for tackling it. But it is a task that deserves a surgeons scapel and not a barbarians mace.
The pensions system is the cat-of-nine-tails which both kills the public school teacher while enslaving them to the Democratic party. The Democrats would hold it over the teachers while kicking the budgetary can further down the road. I remember when Governor Fletcher was in office my teacher relatives predicted that he would attack their pensions. And of course he did and of course they revolted. Like a moth to the flame, the Republicans wave the flag at the bull and wonder why they were charged at.
Our Education system is in need of massive change both economically and socially. But picking a fight is only going to result in deadlock.
The first place to deal with education is social issues since it is indeed a social institution. The idea of a separation of church and state was supposed to leave public schools neutral on these issues. Instead our public schools have transformed from a secular institution to a socialist institiution. We have left religious liberty for religious antagonism. Kids are taught secular humanism as their worldview and they have in lighter increments for decades.
Now Bevin did make an effort of sorts that could make a social impact. They are now offering a “Bible as history” course. In hopes of getting Christian school children to come to public school with the electives intact. But I don’t support the measure. 1. We don’t need to grow public schooling. 2. it is one thing for the Bible to be brought up in a general history course as history but quite another to have a separated course.3. The Bible would be left open to criticism by government employees to impressionable youth.
Evolution, Global Warming, Marxism, Freudianism, Feminism, new age visualization/self-esteem, relative ethics, and social justice/racism. These are all worldview based philosophies that belong in the Unitarian Church Sunday school curricula and not in the classroom!
Many Libertarians have been historically inconsistent on this issue letting the schools assume that their ownership of children was a right. Until recent years when common core curricula came out and blatantly attacked the free economy with failing programs to match the failed ideology
Matt Bevin based his campaign around taking on the common core curricula and this was also a campaign promise made by a rival candidate Hal Heiner who Bevin put in his educational cabinet. Now here we are years later with common core engraved into KY education with the abominable title “Kentucky Academic Standards”
My question for you is why did they break their promises; and do you believe now that the teachers unions are emboldened to the point of burning effigies do you think they will be willing to work with Bevin on that idea??


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  1. Clint says:

    Great News HB 227 did not pass in the 2018 Kentucky General Assembly
    ALERT: PLEASE CALL TODAY, Legislative hotline
    No on HB 227

    Message for the entire Senate and the entire House


    HB 227 was written by and for the electricity lobby, and it essentially gives a monopoly to the power industry. It would eventually destroy any free market in the solar industry, both residential and commercial.

    A great number of amendments were filed to try to “fix” this legislation, but its still a bad bill. Vote No !!


  2. William says:


    Since last November when we started to sense the arrival of yet another round of discriminatory net metering legislation form our utilities the activity and resistance from those supporting solar across our Commonwealth has been nothing short of staggering.

    The opposition to HB 227 which resulted in it lacking support to become law, despite the $5000,000 lobbying spend to get it over the line, has been broad and frankly humbling.

    As small business owners we two have personally spent hundreds of hours in Frankfort talking to all the 138 legislators and members of the executive branch on the subject. Our install teams have also taken significant time off their jobs and donated their personal life to attend committee meetings and sit down face to face with their representatives so they felt and understood the potential impact of their actions on the average working man and woman’s family.

    Yet much as we have lived in Frankfort fighting this issue since January this win would have evaded us all were it not for all of your voices which our legislators heard and heeded in the end. Cynical as we all may be at times there were in both House and Senate many individuals who did not vote the party line and who came under staggering pressure and arm twisting to give up their principles. To them we owe an enormous debt of gratitude for standing strong. They recognized that no matter how you cut it on this bill you cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

    These legislators time and time again referenced the deluge of emails, messages, calls and texts they have received from across the state that gave them the direction and courage to vote ‘No’. Let’s be clear without your (repeated) interventions this process would have had a different outcome.

    The fact that these contacts came from so many walks of life was equally cited as a big factor in them forming their views. Church groups, environmental groups, farmers, teachers, city bodies, business owners of all sizes, our brother solar installers and their workers, colleges, libertarian organisations, republican solar organisations from other states, national trade bodies etc. etc., as I said; humbling.

    We should all celebrate for now but we are very clear that this small but rapidly growing clean energy movement has fights yet to to come. People deserve the right to energy independence and security. They must also be free of these repeated David and Goliath fights that seek to prevent them from taking simple personal actions to remediate the biggest environmental threats of this century.

    Finally an apology. To our nearly 1000 past install customers and those who are just joining the solar family we are sorry if we have not been quite as quick to respond and engage these past few months as we would have liked. Bear with us as we all dig out from under and return to what we love doing best, putting as many panels on as many roofs as we can with urgency, creating well paid sustainable jobs and leaving our world in a better place state than we found it in.

    Again – your voices made this happen. Back to work…….

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