Take Back Kentucky  Endorsement of Primary Candidates for 2018: Please read, review, and comment.

First, we are in full support of John Riley – Spencer County Judge Executive re-election. John Riley has been a long term liberty activist expert. John Riley humbly needs your vote on Tuesday, May 22nd.

Second, we fully endorse Lloyd Rodgers for Campbell County, Kentucky Commissioner. He is endorsed by Northern Kentucky Right to Life and the author of the REINS Act. Learn more about Lloyd Rodgers campaign at his web page:. https://www.lloydrogersforcommissioner.com/

Third, Kenny Brown for Boone County, Kentucky Clerk. Mr. Brown not only has done a superb job in his first two terms in office, but he is an outstanding statewide leader in the liberty movement. Voter Testimonial: “I very rarely make political posts, but Kenny Brown has been an outstanding county clerk. Under his leadership the clerks office has not only become more efficient, but also done so without sacrificing customer service. He leads a great team of dedicated public servants. I highly recommend that we Keep Kenny Brown as Boone County Clerk.”

Fourth, Dolly Guenthner Candidate for Magistrate Dist. # 6 in Hardin County, Kentucky. If elected, she will be a hard-working, responsive, and transparent public servant. These fresh endorsements are being made with Kentucky citizens in mind.

Fifth, Take Back Kentucky is proud to endorse Thomas Massie in the Republican primary and General Election for the 4th Congressional District. As a private Citizen Thomas Massie graduated from MIT with 2 degrees and was venture capitalist in the technology industry creating jobs, despite government restrictions. When he returned home to be on the Farm with his family he found the government to be too burdensome there as well and started attending his local government meetings in his home of Lewis county. He was able to stop or lower 4 separate tax initiatives.

Sixth, State Senate 26- Alex White Believes the Constitution should be the guiding source for government decisions, Pro-life, Opposes tax increases, (including the gas tax), Gun owner and conceal carry license holder. Learn more at: http://www.alexwhiteky.com/

Seventh, KY. Supreme Court – (NP) – Dan Ballou “The political climate as of late is chaotic and sometimes frustrating to say the least, but the one stable and consistent standard we have is our constitution; The integrity of our founding document must never be diminished.” Endorsed by Rand Paul: “Judge Ballou has dedicated his life to defending the Constitution, our freedom and liberty, and our way of life in Kentucky.” Learn more at: http://danballou.com/

Eighth, Jefferson County District Court – 30th (NP)-6 – Alex Gaddis “Accountability and Change isn’t just a political slogan – it is a summary of exactly what I intend to deliver for the people of Jefferson County. For too long the same old names have remained unchallenged and unaccountable – believing they are entitled to their positions because of their names and connections. Names and connections do not qualify anyone for the offices they hold – all they do is insulate them from the consequences of the terrible decisions that they make. The murderers they release on Home Incarceration don’t live in their neighborhoods!” Learn more at: https://www.votegaddis.com/

Ninth-State House District 66-Stacie Earl- Growing up, Stacie’s family instilled the values that helped her become the person she is today. Through hard work, education and a great investment of time, Stacie has become a successful business owner and a valuable member of her community. Stacie is also dedicated to making a difference. She knew it was time to dedicate herself to a higher cause and become a public advocate for holding government accountable and ending corruption! Learn more at: http://www.votestacieearl.com/
Answers to six State House Survey questions
1. I support some of the items in the new tax bill. There are common sense things about putting money in the funds they are suppose to go to. However, I do not believe in having BOTH State and Sales Taxes. It’s one or the other!
2. I’m still looking into that- get back to you.
3. I know the Education System, in KY is corrupt. I know that checks and balances don’t exist. The most corrupt is the Teachers Union, the boards they sit on and the political offices they lobby for. It’s a strong precedence to have the State take over a School District, but I also know that the School Boards and SBDM’s are not functioning, at all! This happens to also be true for Boone County Schools (thought to be one of the best Districts is KY). So, I think it is appropriate to end the corruption and start focusing on the solutions. 4. I am PRO 2nd Amendment and it’s Full Constitutional meaning.
5. I think that Legislators should have to EARN their Pensions/Hybrid 401k’s, and also be allowed to OPT out.
6. Is this bill attempting to legislate a personally owned generator?
Please keep in mind that I’m not a politician and I am working/researching all the time. I’m Liberty minded, believe in freedom, and believe that the Constitution protects those freedoms. #2 and #6 I will look into more and send you my response. Education is my focus, because that is the future of our society. The Globalists are working through SIB’s (Social Impact Bonds, Pay for Sucess, kids as human capital) to change the future, through our children’s minds. Feel free to look through the articles posted on Concerned Parents Page, or I can send information.

Tenth-Sixthteen: These are the four Kentucky State House Candidates we voted to endorse at the April 2018 Take Back Kentucky Monthly meeting:

First, Ms. Rachelle Frazier in Hardin and Meade Counties in Kentucky State House District 27. Donate to her official campaign web address: http://www.rachellefrazier.com/

Second, Ms. Savannah Maddox in Grant County in Kentucky State House District 61. Aide her via the official web page: http://www.maddoxforky.com/

Third, Mr. Wesley Morgan in Madison County in Kentucky State House District 81. Help him via official campaign web site: http://cwesleymorgan.com/

Fourth, Mr. Phil Moffett in Jefferson County in Kentucky State House District 32. Learn more about his candidacy at: https://ballotpedia.org/Phil_Moffett
Voters and citizens will be well served in their district and the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky, if elected. We encourage to vote for these four on the Tuesday, May 22nd Primary election and beyond to November 2018.

Fifth, Mr. Gerardo Serrano: running for 5th Congressional District in SE Kentucky.

Sixth, Mr. Robert Devore for Louisville Metro Mayor. Please read or learn more at: http://www.VoteBobDevore.org/


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