AFP KY will launch our “Down the Final Stretch” Door Canvasing for Phil Moffett next Saturday, October 6th.
Starting next weekend, we will be knocking doors to “Get Out the Vote” every Saturday leading up to the election.

We will meet at 10AM at our Louisville AFP office. Since this will be the first time out for many of you, we will pair you up with AFP staff for the day (or however long you can help out).
Justin Poland (JP), our Senior Field Director, will coordinate and get everyone set up with the tools they need to have a successful day on the doors for Phil. (See the attached Doorhanger!)

Lunch will be provided. AFP staff will be canvassing for the whole day. We don’t expect a volunteer to necessarily spend the whole day knocking doors – though we certainly welcome it!

For planning purposes, please let JP know if you can join us. I’ve included JP in this email. (jpoland@afphq.org)

The Louisville AFP Office location is:

6010 Brownsboro Park Blvd, Louisville, KY 40207
It is off Rudy Lane, just behind the Panera Bread at Rudy Lane and Brownsboro.

We hope you can join us as partners and friends to support a “Policy Champion” Phil Moffett!

(P.S. Please, do not forward this email to Phil or anyone associated with his campaign.
We are committed to 110% compliance with federal and state election regulation and guidelines.
To meet that commitment, we have not and will not coordinate with Rep. Moffett’s campaign during this election season.)

Thank you!

Andrew V. McNeill
AFP KY – State Director
502-702-1643 (o)
502-403-7548 (m)


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