Take Back Kentucky(TBKY) Adopts Code Green.

What is Code Green?
Code Green is mutual respect first, object later. What to do if stopped by police in your car or own the street. The street is no place to argue or resist the lawful commands of a police/peace officer. The vast majority of police interactions never result in confrontations or use of physical force against a citizen. Yet arguing with the officer at the scene increase the potential for a problem. So when stopped by police remember the saying “Respect First, Object Later.”

Show respect during the stop. The officer is required to be respectful to you. Please be respectful back to them, even if you feel as though you are being unjustly stopped. Remain calm and don’t run. Keep your hands visible at all times. Let the officer know before reaching anything. Do not give fake ID”s or false information or any kind.

Your Rights at the scene. You may ask the officer why you were stopped. If the officer is not uniformed, you may ask for a uniformed officer to the scene. Ask for the officer’s code number and name. Officers are required to give you this information if your request it.

If you may ask for a supervisor to respond to the scene. If you observe an officer do something inapprorpriate, but does not involve you, do not interfere. When the incident has calmed down politely ask for the officer’s name and code number. If she/he does not provide it, walk away and document the date, time, and location of the incident.


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