2019 Pre-Filled Bills in the Kentucky General Assembly Report-November 2018
1.) AN ACT relating to property taxes for veteran service organizations.
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 132 to allow any veteran service organization that is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(19) of the United States Internal Revenue Code to be exempt from all city and county property taxes, if certain conditions are met; authorize the Department of Revenue to promulgate administrative regulations. Jun 27, 2.) AN ACT relating to fire protection and making an appropriation therefor.
Amend KRS 95A.520 and 95A.540, relating to volunteer fire department mergers, to make it applicable to volunteer fire departments merging prior to the effective date of the Act; create a new section of KRS Chapter 95A to provide that for volunteer fire departments merging after the effective date of the Act, the Fire Commission shall pay to the departments the number of qualified shares of volunteer fire department aid each is entitled to for a period of 20 years after the date of the merger, upon the expiration of which the merged department receives only one share; provide contingency protocols if the merged fire department becomes unqualified; create a new section of KRS Chapter 95A to provide a contingency protocol if a new volunteer fire department is created out of the merged one during the 20 year period; create new sections of KRS Chapter 75 to allow an alternative tax rate and board structure for fire districts electing to do so; set tax rate at a maximum of $0.15 for a district, and maximum of $0.25 for a district operating the sole emergency ambulance service and make the tax subject to the recall provisions; establish a seven member board of which one is appointed by the county executive head, four are elected by persons owning property within the district, and two are firefighters of the districts elected by the firefighters of the district; set election procedures and times; amend KRS 132.023, relating to tax recall provisions, to integrate applicable fire districts, as defined in the section, within the scope of the section. Sep 04, 2018
3.) AN ACT relating to the taxation of pension income, making an appropriation therefor, and declaring an emergency.
Amend KRS 141.019 to increase the pension income exclusion from $31,110 to $41,110; declare this Act to apply retroactively for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2018; require the Department of Revenue to automatically issue refunds; APPROPRIATION; EMERGENCY.
4.) AN ACT relating to public utilities.
Create new section of KRS 278.010 to 278.450 to set a residential fixed customer charge to recover no more than fixed capital costs for metering, billing, service connections, and customer service for electric, natural gas, and water utilities; amend KRS 278.010 to define “customer charge”; amend KRS 278.030 to include affordability as a criterion for utility rates and to establish that the policy of the Commonwealth is to require costs to be reasonable and to provide for their recovery; require the Public Service Commission to balance the interests of the utility, investors, and consumer in establishing fair, just, reasonable and affordable rates; amend KRS 278.183 to require that the costs paid through the environmental surcharge and subjected to two year review are subject to apportionment of fixed, direct capital costs for metering, billing, connection, and service; amend KRS 278.190 to allow the commission to examine the determination of costs and apply standards for rates that include affordability and balancing of interests of various parties affected by the rate; amend KRS 278.255 to require a management and operations audit beginning December 31, 2019, and every five years thereafter and to require the results of the audit be made available on the Public Service Commission and each audited utility’s Web site; exempt electric distribution cooperatives from the initial and periodic audit requirements; amend KRS 278.260 to require the Public Service Commission to give the Office of the Attorney General’s Office of Rate Intervention notice of any investigation into unreasonable or discriminatory rates, measurements or practices by a utility under its jurisdiction. May 30, 2018
5.) AN ACT proposing an amendment to Section 42 of the Constitution of Kentucky relating to compensation for members of the General Assembly.
Propose to amend Section 42 of the Constitution of Kentucky to prohibit members of the General Assembly from receiving legislative pay for a special session that has been called by the Governor because the General Assembly adjourned without passing a state budget; submit to the voters with ballot question. Jun 12, 2018
6.) AN ACT relating to legislative procedures for state fiscal measures.
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 6 to require roll call votes on any state fiscal measure, including an appropriation or revenue-raising measure, voted upon in the Senate or House of Representatives or a committee thereof; require identification of any state fiscal measure by the director of the Legislative Research Commission upon request of a legislator, the Senate, the House of Representatives, or a committee of the Senate or House; require separate votes for any state fiscal measure. Jul 19, 2018
7.) AN ACT establishing the Kentucky Rare Disease Advisory Council and making an appropriation therefor.
Create new sections of KRS Chapter 211 to establish the Kentucky Rare Disease Advisory Council; list members to be appointed by the Governor; state the duties of the council; require a report of council activities; create a rare disease trust fund to be administered by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to finance the operation of the council and support rare disease research and treatment; require a report on expenditures from the fund; provide that the council shall to cease to exist on December 1, 2029, unless reestablished by the General Assembly. Aug 21, 2018
8.) AN ACT relating to local boards of education.
Amend KRS 160.190 to change a local board vacancy from being appointed by the chief state school officer to being appointed by a majority vote of the local board; establish a timeline and procedures of appointment; establish a procedure for a failure to make appointment by local board; make changes throughout to conform. Sep 14, 2018
9.) AN ACT relating to domestic violence.
Amend KRS 525.135 to prohibit pretrial diversion for a person charged with torture of a dog or cat, to make torture of a dog or cat a Class D felony, and to prohibit any form of early release for those who torture a dog or cat as a way to threaten, intimidate, coerce, harass, or terrorize a family member or member of a dating relationship; amend KRS 533.250 to prohibit the pretrial diversion program from being used for someone charged with torture of a dog or cat. Oct 10, 2018
10.) AN ACT relating to mental illness.
Amend KRS 532.130, 532.135, and 532.140 to add a diagnosis of serious mental illness to the disabilities which prevent execution for persons convicted of capital offenses. Aug 31, 2018
11.) AN ACT relating to resale certificates for sales and use tax and declaring an emergency.
Amend KRS 139.010, 139.260, 139.270, 139.280, and 139.720 to exclude services taxed by KRS 139.200 from tax when being resold; EMERGENCY. Nov 05, 2018
12.) AN ACT relating to concealed deadly weapons. R. Goforth
Amends KRS 527.020, 237.110, 237.115, 244.125, and 527.070 to remove location restrictions for persons with a concealed deadly weapon license. Oct 05, 2018
13.) AN ACT relating to minimum staffing requirements for long-term care facilities.
Create new sections of KRS Chapter 216B to require staff-to-resident ratios in long-term care facilities as a condition of licensure or relicensure; establish minimum staffing requirements; prohibit long-term care facilities from admitting new residents if the facility fails to comply with the minimum staffing requirements, beginning on the second day of noncompliance and continuing until six days after the required staffing is achieved, with exceptions allowed for weather emergencies and other similar events; require additional staffing based on the needs of the residents; exempt intermediate-care facilities for persons with intellectual disabilities, institutions for the treatment of mental illnesses, personal care homes, and family care homes from the minimum staffing requirements; create a 17-member board to review staffing requirements on an annual basis; establish a civil fine of no more than $1,000 for each day that the staffing requirements are not maintained; establish legislative findings and declarations. Jul 20, 2018
14.) AN ACT relating to all-terrain vehicles and making an appropriation therefor.
Amend KRS 186.010 to specify that for registration purposes an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) shall be considered a motor vehicle; amend KRS 186A.070 to allow ATVs operating under this bill to operate on roadways of the Commonwealth; create new sections of KRS Chapter 189 to allow a person to operate an all-terrain vehicle on roadways in the Commonwealth; outline requirements for operation; establish a fee of $25 for registration; allow a local government to allow or prohibit ATV operation on roadways in its jurisdiction; provide for nonresident reciprocity; require the Transportation Cabinet to promulgate administrative regulations; allow nonresidents to operate an ATV on roadways of the Commonwealth; outline requirements; establish a fee of $25 for registration; specify that registration is valid for one year; amend KRS 189.515 to specify that the section shall only apply to ATVs that have not been registered for highway operation; amend KRS 189.990 to establish a fine of $20 to $50 for a violation of Section 3 or 4 of this Act.
15.) AN ACT relating to the safety of canines and felines.
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 411 to provide civil immunity for damaging a vehicle if a person enters the vehicle with the reasonable, good-faith belief that a dog or cat is in immediate danger of death if not removed. Aug 15, 2018
16.) AN ACT relating to an animal abuse registry.
Create new sections of KRS Chapter 17 to establish the animal abuse offender registry; require the Kentucky State Police to maintain a registry of offenders who commit an animal abuse offense; establish the animal abuse offender registry fund; amend KRS 525.130 to increase the penalty for cruelty to animals in the second degree to a Class D felony for a Second or subsequent offense; establish a short title of “Arrow’s Law”; APPROPRIATION. Aug 15, 2018
17.) AN ACT relating to sanctuary cities and universities.
Amend KRS 65.133 to require local law enforcement agencies and Kentucky State Police to enforce immigration laws; create a new section of KRS Chapter 65 to define terms, including “sanctuary” and “sanctuary policy”; prohibit local governments from adopting sanctuary policies; establish hearing procedures for determination of sanctuary status; provide for the withholding of state funding from sanctuaries; create new sections of KRS Chapter 164 to prohibit postsecondary educational institutions from enrolling, employing, or contracting with illegal aliens; require postsecondary educational institutions to keep records of immigration status; provide for the withholding of state funding from postsecondary educational institutions that enroll, employ, or contract with illegal aliens; limit who may be considered a Kentucky resident for in-state tuition purposes. Sep 26, 2018
18.) AN ACT relating to the display of the national motto in public schools.
Amend KRS 158.195 to require each public elementary and secondary school to display the national motto in a prominent location in the school. Aug 16, 2018 –
19.) AN ACT relating to earned paid sick leave.
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 337 to require employers to provide earned paid sick leave to employees; provide that employees earn paid sick leave upon the date of hire and can use the leave after being employed for 90 days; set forth allowable uses of earned paid sick time; designate how notice of need to use sick time is provided by employees; amend KRS 337.990 to establish penalty for employers that fail to follow paid sick leave requirements. Sep 24, 2018
20.) AN ACT relating to a youth crossbow deer hunting season.
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 150 to require the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources to promulgate administrative regulations to establish a statewide youth crossbow deer hunting season; define terms; require the statewide youth crossbow deer hunting season to take place each year on the same dates established by the department for the statewide archery deer hunting season; require participants to comply with all statewide deer hunting requirements, including supervision requirements for youth deer hunters. Sept 06, 2018
21.) AN ACT relating to legislative ethics.
Create new sections of KRS 6.601 to 6.849 to make it ethical misconduct for a legislator, legislative agent, or director of the Legislative Research Commission to engage in discrimination, harassment, or sexual harassment; define “discrimination,” “harassment,” “sexual harassment,” and “workplace complaint”; grant the Legislative Ethics Commission jurisdiction to investigate and proceed upon receipt of a complaint from an employee of the legislative branch regarding discrimination, harassment, or sexual harassment allegedly committed by a legislator, legislative agent, or director of the Legislative Research Commission;
22.) AN ACT proposing an amendment to Sections 30, 31, and 32 of the Constitution of Kentucky relating to terms of members of the General Assembly.
Propose to amend Sections 30 and 31 of the Constitution of Kentucky to elect Senators for terms of six years beginning in November, 2022, for even-numbered Senatorial districts and beginning in November, 2024, for odd-numbered Senatorial districts, and Representatives for terms of four years beginning in November, 2022; propose to amend Section 32 of the Constitution of Kentucky to prevent Senators from serving more than two consecutive six-year terms of office, and prevent Representatives from serving more than three consecutive four-year terms of office, beginning with those elected in November 2022; allow legislators to resume service in the chamber from which they were term-limited after a full term of office has elapsed; provide ballot language; submit to voters for ratification or rejection. Nov 09, 2018
23.) AN ACT relating to hate crimes.
Amend KRS 532.031, relating to an offense committed as a result of a hate crime, to include criminal homicide and fetal homicide as well as the attempt to commit or soliciation of those crimes. Oct 31, 2018


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  1. Clint says:

    AN ACT relating to firearms and declaring an emergency.
    Create new sections of KRS Chapter 237 to specify definitions for “assault weapons,” “large-capacity ammunition-feeding devices,” “bump stocks,” and “ammunition sellers”; require background checks for private firearms sales; require reporting to law enforcement of firearm and ammunition thefts and losses; require the safe storage of firearms; and to prohibit the manufacture, sale, or transfer of a bump stock; amend KRS 395.250 to require an estate’s inventory to list each firearm; amend KRS 403.735 to require judges, when issuing an order of protection, to consider whether a person against whom the order is entered should be prohibited from possessing an firearm; amend KRS 504.030 to require judges in criminal cases where a person is found guilty by reason of insanity to demand the surrender of the defendant’s firearms; amend KRS 237.104 to conform; amend KRS 506.080 to specify that the offense of facilitation includes assistance in providing firearms; amend KRS 508.020 to include physical injury to a minor by virtue of the intentional discharge of a firearm within the offense of assault in the second degree; create a new section of KRS Chapter 527 to create the offense of criminal purchase or disposal of a weapon; amend KRS 527.040 to require that the sentence for a felon in possession of a firearm be served subsequent to any other felony sentence; amend KRS 527.070 to include post secondary education facilities within the existing ban on firearms in schools; amend KRS 532.030 to require the judge pronouncing a defendant guilty but mentally ill to demand the surrender of the person’s firearms; create a new section of KRS Chapter 237 to require the State Police to promulgate administrative regulations relating to the licensing of persons to possess firearms and assault weapons, the registration of firearms and assault weapons, and the logging of firearms and ammunition sales effective January 1, 2020; amend KRS 532.025 to conform; amend KRS 237.115 to conform; repeal KRS 65.870; EMERGENCY.
    Nov 19, 2018 G. Brown Jr. BR 349

  2. Clint says:

    AN ACT relating to water well drillers.
    Amend KRS 223.400 to add a definition of “water well driller’s assistant”; amend KRS 223.405 to require water well drillers and water well driller’s assistants to obtain a valid certificate before working on a water well; amend KRS 223.425 to establish the application, requirements, and effective term for the certification of water well driller’s assistants; amend KRS 223.430 to allow the water well driller’s assistant to work under the liability insurance and surety bond of the supervising certified water well driller; amend KRS 223.440 to prohibit the certified water well driller’s assistant from certifying records required to be kept by the supervising certified water well driller; amend KRS 223.447 to establish certification and renewal fees for the water well driller and the water well driller’s assistant; amend KRS 223.450 to conform.
    Nov 21, 2018 BR 382 S. Humphries

  3. Alexander says:

    https://video.ket.org/video/mass-shootings-gun-safety-and-concealed-carry-laws-7r70de/ Renee Shaw and guests discuss mass shootings. Scheduled guests: Ken Pagano, NRA certified instructor and former Louisville pastor; Mark Bryant, executive director of Gun Violence Archive; and Stephen McBride, vice-president of Kentucky Concealed Carry Coalition.

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