Take Back Kentucky(TBKY) has great news to report today. As you may know, TBK is a coalition of groups that meet across the Commonwealth of Kentucky weekly or monthly. TBKY can add two brand new groups to the coalition of groups. We warmly welcome leader Mr. Richard Meadows of Concealed Carry Louisville. His leadership will aide in the defense of the Second Amendment in Jefferson County and way beyond the Third Congressional District. We will add their meeting location, date, and time during each month starting in December 2018. The brand new coalition group may be reached via Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2058379577727447/?ref=br_rs

The second brand new group is Kentuckiana Conservative Action Group led by moderators Ernie Pack and Bob Heughlin. We will start listing their monthly meeting starting in December 2018. Their brief description sums up what this club is all encompassing. This group was founded to educate, engage, and empower the people of Kentuckiana with Conservative values. Foremost of these values are a belief in God and Country. We promote the principles laid down by our forefathers in documents such as the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. This brand new coalition group partner may be reached via Facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/groups/472574953202765/


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  1. Charles says:

    Concealed Carry Louisville live web link address:

    Kentuckiana Conservative Action Group live web link address:

  2. Pamela says:

    Take Back Kentucky is a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to the advancement of liberty and the preservation of the Constitution in Kentucky. We normally meet every 3rd Saturday of the month, except in December we meet on the 2nd Saturday
    Saturday, December 8th, 2018 1:00PM ET/12:00PM CT
    121 Towne Drive
    Elizabethtown, KY 42701
    (270) 763-0091

    Agenda:. Hi everyone -From The Moderator’s Desk, Rick Treitz This is our Christmas Statewide Meeting edition.

    Our featured speaker this month: Nancy Tate, Kentucky State Representative in Meade and portions of Hardin Counties.

    Nancy Tate is a successful businesswoman, Kentucky native and fiscal conservative dedicated to limiting the size of government in our lives. Having lived in Meade County for over 20 years, Nancy Tate is a huge proponent of making new opportunities within one’s home community. She plays an active role in the 27thDistrict and she has served on the following boards: Right to Life Meade-Breck Chapter (President), Kentucky Right to Life, and United Way of Central Kentucky.

    Nancy Tate brings strong business acumen to her role as state representative. Nancy is a 30-year employee of UPS in the Information Technology division and she is a subject matter expert in her field. Nancy has handled multi-million dollar projects for UPS in which she was tasked with following rigid budgets that she herself designed. As a result of this experience, Nancy knows the importance of real budgetary transparency and she knows how to fight for fiscal reform when necessary.

    Agenda: Upcoming 2019 Kentucky General Assembly pre-filed bills, Kentucky interim committees and meetings from November 2018, Criminal Justice Reform in the US Congress, Federal Legislative Alerts, Second Amendment Alerts, update on Marsy’s Law, talk on Kentucky State Supreme Court ruling on Right to Work Law, Medicial Review Panels found unconstitutional by Kentucky State Supreme Court and much more vital information.

    Look forward to seeing y’all there!

    Our mailing address is: PO BOX 313 Clarkson, KY 42726
    Our email address is: takebackkentucky@gmail.com
    Founder: Norm Davis

  3. Clint says:


    A staffer for the House Republican Caucus in Kentucky has lost her job nearly one year after she sued the state saying she was punished for reporting sexual harassment involving GOP lawmakers.

    Daisy Olivo was let go on Friday, according to her attorney, Shane Sidebottom. She was fired one day after House Republicans elected new leaders for the upcoming 2019 legislative session.

    “Any time a whistleblower files a suit they put their job in play, unfortunately,” Sidebottom said. “Under statute, we could consider it another act of retaliation in violation of the law.”

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