TBK 6 Pack

As a result of the TBK Take 5 Committee we now have what we will call the TBK 6 Pack.  TBK is not a Republican organization, in fact we have endorsed Democrats, Libertarians and Independents over the years as well; however, we feel there needs to be a change in the leadership in Frankfort in the House in order to effect positive change in Kentucky.  In order to do that the House would need to be flipped from Democrat control to Republican control and that would take at least 5 seats, but in our discussion we knew that some seats would need to be kept as well and so likely this would mean more than just 5 candidates to put our support behind and so we have the TBK 6 Pack, which has 5 newcomers and 1 incumbent.

Let us be clear, we have endorsed more than these candidates this election cycle and may still endorse more at the October meeting. Also by singling out these candidates that does not mean they are better than the others we have endorsed it simply means based on what intel we were able to gather about the races and who is receiving help from other organizations and would not need ours, who has stiffer competition aka worst opposition, or which seats are most winnable, because let’s be honest we want to win and there can be many great candidates out there but we can’t spend time on candidates that don’t need our help or wouldn’t even benefit from it.

So without further ado below are the list of our TBK 6 Pack:

Listed are their webpages where you can find out info on them, and how to donate and volunteer. In the coming weeks we hope to organize some volunteer efforts for these candidates.

State House District 20/Warren County/Bowling Green –  Jenean Hampton 

Click here for her webpage 

Opponent – Jody Richards, former House Speaker

State House District 26/Bullitt & Hardin Counties – Russell Webber – Redistricting, incumbent representing old District 49

Click here for his facebook page

Opponent – J. Scott Wantland

State House District 32/Jefferson County/Louisville – Phil Moffett  – Open Seat due to redistricting

Click here for his webpage

Opponent – Ashley Miller

State House District 79/Fayette County/Lexington – Ken Kearns

Click here for his webpage

Opponent – Susan Westrom – Incumbent

State House District 10/Breckenridge, Hancock and part of Hardin County – Alan Claypool – Open Seat due to redistricting

Click here for his webpage

Opponent –  Dean Shamore

State House District 25/Elizabethtown/Hardin County – Jim DuPlessis

Click here for his webpage

Opponent – Jimmie Lee – Incumbent