Some of the issues below have their own page. This does not mean one issue is more important than the other. Just that we have some information that should be shared on that particular issued that cannot be mentioned briefly here. More pages may be added later with more information as we get it, and feel it is important enough to share the details.

Second Amendment/Gun Rights“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  We support the entire Second Amendment as every citizen has the right to protect themselves against not only criminals but all enemies foreign and domestic.In our current political environment there more and more restrictions and regulations placed on guns and gun owners and this must be resisted and reversed.

Pro-Life – We believe in the sanctity of life and that it begins at conception. We believe that abortion is immoral and the Roe v. Wade decision was a direct violation of the Constitution and an abuse of it intent. We will fight to protect life at every opportunity we have.

Property Rights – The Declaration of Independence is the basis for the US Constitution and in the Declaration of Independence it states that we have the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (originally property). The product of our Life here on Earth through exercising our Liberty is Property. Property is the fruit of our labor and the achievement of our goals, dreams and aspirations whether it is tangible or intangible. Property is a part of who we are as individuals and for some time now those with a collectivist mentality that think they can better manage our lives than ourselves have put all kinds of regulations on Property from local to global; sometimes to the point of taking it against our will.

Food Freedom – We believe that everyone should have the right to choose what food they buy for themselves and their family. In our society today we have turned over that right to the government to choose for us under the guise of keeping us safe and healthy, yet this has increasingly shown not to be the case leaving consumers with little choice and recourse. Therefore we support restoring an environment that would allow local, organic and natural farming and food products.

Industrial Hemp – The legalization of Industrial Hemp would lead to approximately 70,000 jobs according to a University of Kentucky study. Industrial Hemp can be used for a food source, raw material source for a multitude of products from clothes to automotive parts and energy source that could supplement our use of oil in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Medical Cannabis – We believe it is time to legalize Medical Cannabis AKA Medical Marijuana. It is a natural, safe, and more effective alternative to the traditional synthetic drugs the medical industry is currently using. Keeping Medical Marijuana illegal only forces those in desperate need to seek it out and risk violation of law in order to help their health or the health of a loved one. With the ongoing Drug War keeping it illegal will only put good people in contact with nefarious characters.

Civil Liberties – We at Take Back Kentucky support the Bill of Rights and the Civil Liberties outlined in it, such as Free Speech, Freedom of the Press, Petition for Redress of  Grievances, Right to Assembly/Protest, Religious Freedom, the right to a Trial, No Warrantless Search and Seizure. With the growth of Government under the guise of keeping us safe and secure we have sacrificed these Liberties and that must stop.

Sovereignty –  The 9th and 10th Amendments of the US Constitution are stated as follows:

The 9th Amendment: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

The 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

While only a few rights are listed in the Bill of Rights, the Founding Fathers after much debate decided that some must be listed so that the Federal Government would not violate them. However, they also knew it was impossible to list every conceivable right so they reserved the jurisdiction of these rights to the states and to the people.  In many instances the government has violated these two amendments thus intruding upon our rights to further a political agenda that does not reflect the Constitution or the will of the people. One of our goals is to not only restore our individual sovereignty and state sovereignty, but our national sovereignty as the Federal Government has been seceding too much to the UN and other international or global entities.

Troops/Veterans –  We at Take Back Kentucky have great pride and respect for our soldiers and the price they have paid and the sacrifices they have made in order to protect our liberties and freedoms here at home. We believe in order to honor what they have done we must be vigilant here at home and exercise the rights they have sacrificed for. We also believe that we as a nation should honor the agreements we have made with our troop/veterans and so far as a nation our government as saw fit to halfheartedly honor that agreement, this must be corrected, these men and women must get the recognition they deserve.

Pro-Capitalism – In order for the free-markets to prosper an environment must be created or allowed to exist to do so. That environment would be one of lower taxes that are transparent and less regulation that is capable of catching fraud and abuse in the system. Less spending and debt in the government. Less welfare and entitlement programs. Have a sound monetary policy that is not controlled by a central bank. Less Crony Capitalism or Corporatism where big business and government work together to stifle real competition and innovation via bailouts or exceptions in the regulations and tax code.

Privacy Rights and the Surveillance –  With revelations about the NSA spying program we find it disturbing that our own government is monitoring it’s own citizens in just about every way imaginable to such a degree it all affects our constitutional right of Due Process as well. Part of being free is the right to lead a private life. Once the King of England instituted the Stamp Act, in which every piece of paper in Colonial Americans houses had to have an official stamp and soldiers could enter one’s house to guarantee this.  The Stamp Act is one of the reasons this Union ultimately rebelled against Great Britain and fought for our freedoms, and now that right is so routinely violated in the name of safety from terrorism we are in effect not experiencing the freedoms the terrorist supposedly hate us for.  To quote Benjamin Franklin, “Those willing to sacrifice essential liberty to gain temporary security will get neither, and deserve neither.”

Health Care – Universal Health Care or any variation thereof that forces a Citizen to purchase a health care product, or that will eventually lead to the government covering health care costs and decisions for the people. A system such as that is unconstitutional and in violation of the Commerce Clause and will ultimately lead to higher health care costs and lower health care quality. Our basic solution to the Health Care problems in this nation are: Restore the Doctor/Patient relationship, get the government  middle man and bureaucracy out of medical care, tort reform, break down the state barriers to the purchase of insurance.

Education – The public education sector has failed our students and society miserably. Students in the US lag behind most of the industrialized world in many subject areas. We support any alternatives that parents deem best for their children. We believe education is a parents business not the State’s. We are also anti-Common Core as it is a top down, low content, wrong content, low standard, test oriented system. We believe the more local the control and parental control over education the better.

Illegal Immigration– We at Take Back Kentucky are not anti-immigrant as this is a nation made up of immigrants. However, we have laws regarding our citizenship and all the rights and privileges that come with being a citizen of this nation that are affected by unrestricted immigration. Not addressing Illegal Immigration causes many problems such as  taking jobs from US citizens. When an illegal does have a job they are often working in horrible conditions and are treated as slaves. The illegals are forced to live in the shadows not experiencing the full American Dream they could have had if they come here legally. Creating strains on the welfare system of this nation as the wages they make are not enough for sustenance. A criminal element is continuing to flow into this country thanks in large part to human trafficking and the Drug War.

In order to fix the illegal immigration problem we have several suggestions: Secure the border- this may not mean a fence along all our borders but proper use of technology and police work by our Border Patrol, Reduce and eliminate the welfare state, create a business environment that does not force business into use illegal immigrants as slave labor and sreamline the process to enter this nation legally, enforce the current immigration laws and reform the visa programs, and do not allow amnesty. Enforcing our immigration laws should not mean that people have to give up their civil liberties.

Repeal the 17th Amendment – The issue of the 17th Amendment is very closely tied to the concept of State Sovereignty. Take Back Kentucky is joining many organizations in an attempt to bring awareness about the 17th Amendment and the damage it has caused to our Republican form of government and the eventual repeal of that Amendment.

Basically the 17th Amendment is the popular election of a State’s senator for the Federal government as opposed to how it was previously done; appointment by the state legislature. Having the House elected by popular vote and the Senate appointed by the States was one of the way our checks and balances worked at the Federal level. Now the Senate is no different than the House with special interests controlling the country; not the Federal government being an agent of the States as the Founding Fathers intended.

REAL ID/Biometrics – A National Biometric ID that will eventually store all our information and be used for all transactions. The regulations pertaining to REAL ID (or any other ID program if REAL ID would be replaced due to public outcry) are international in nature requiring international sharing of our information making it in actuality an International Biometric ID. Requiring this information to be on a government issues card is a violation of privacy, some consider a security risk especially with the information sharing, many Christians and other religious sects are opposed to a National ID due to it being a violation of their religious beliefs as well.

Agenda 21 – Agenda 21 is a UN Agenda in which the UN through Public Private Partnerships or Advisory Boards by-pass state and federal governments right to the local governments to help implement ordinances that would created social, economic, and environmental equality. Needless to say their are numerous problems that are too complex to be inserted into this short synopsis, but it is a complex way of quietly implementing socialist agendas that are not compatible with our liberty and free market principles this country was founded on. For a quick tutorial on Agenda 21 please go to our Agenda 21 Basics page.

The Federal Reserve – The Federal Reserve is a private central bank (a plank of the Communist Manifesto) that the Congress back in 1913 gave the authority to print our money. The Federal Reserve System is broken up into 12 regional banks (regionalism, another plank in the Communist Manifesto.) Since its inception the Federal Reserve and its board of bankers have participated in a process of trying to centrally control the economy along with the Federal Government through bad banking practices and transactions (back room deals). The Federal Reserve primarily controls the economy through inflationary (increasing the money supply) and deflationary (decreasing the money supply) practices. Because these actions are not a natural result of the free market economy they have had negative effects on the economy over the past century that has culminated in the current financial crisis we find ourselves in now (even though other factors contributed to it, this is the root cause.) Because the Federal Reserve is not really a constitutional entity and has not really accomplished its goal of stabilizing the economy we demand and audit of the Federal Reserve to enable us as a nation to figure out exactly where we stand financially and how to fix it.

Article V calls for a Convention of States COTS – The fifth article in the US Constitution is a clever arrangement provided by the founders to change or alter our safeguards for future security.  The reason this is an “issue” on the “issue” page is quite simple.  The patriots and  zealous liberty activist of the 18th century are gone.  The state actors of the 21st century can barely spell liberty without spell check on their phones.  A COTS would lead to a disastrous erosion of our principles enshrined and embodied in the United States Constitution.  Whatever debate clause or talking point is potentially brought up to endorse a COTS will be immediately thrown out of the window.  Currently, this is the ‘national debt’ or ‘balanced  budget’ amendment.  A complete farce from the get go and can only come from the coy and ignorant or the pernicious and evil.  Fact: “The validity of the public debt of the United States … shall not be questioned.”  14th Amendment Section 5.

There are many many more obvious reasons opening up our bill of rights and constitution are very bad ideas.  The $19 Trillion computer digit journal entries are just that.  Accrual journal entries on the private, criminal Fed’s balance sheet.  The inheritors of the free world and self determination are going to alter one of the most fruitful documents of mankind for some criminal enterprises ledger?  Get real.  This effort is a power play at the highest levels.  Since Ceasar and Pharoah; Napoleaon and Trotsky.  Men have sought to “live at each other’s expense”.  The “state” always ends up centrally trying to plan the economy.  Sipping up the vig that is inherit with the apex of power.  Whether for the rising of the Nile or for the specter of security, taxation and state largess always prevail.  Patriots of the past pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor divorcing the dead hand of the state from the economy.  Men have bled and died defending our four page 4400 word document.  Thoughts, notions and communication in abandoning the constitution and bill of rights for magical fantasies of the government take care of everything and everyone need to be laid to rest.  Hope and pray that states that have called for a convention will rescind them like Nevada, New Mexico and Maryland have done.